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"Without concussion testing, I would have begun playing too soon after my injury which possibly could have resulted in more damage to my injury."
~ Devin Hope, Soccer Player at Brookdale Community College

ConcussionRXcare at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, offers comprehensive baseline concussion testing to determine a pre-injury status of your balance, neurocognitive and oculomotor function.  This information is stored and used for comparison purposes in case the athlete sustains a head injury.

If you suffer a concussion and return to physical activity before you are fully healed, you are at high risk for the potentially tragic "Second Impact Syndrome." This is particularly important with athletes who play sports where concussion is a common injury.

The only way to determine when it is truly safe to return to physical activity is to test your brain function before you have a concussion. To get the most accurate result, baseline testing must also include a balance test, a simple "sway" test on the highly specialized equipment that db Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers. If you have a concussion, you'll repeat the test within 72 hours of injury. Your post-concussion results will be compared to your baseline record to determine whether your brain has completely recovered.

My Child Has A Concussion. Now What Do I Do?
NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports (CSMAS) April 29, 2010 - "Institutions should record a baseline assessment for each student-athlete prior to the first practice. The same baseline assessment tools should be used post-injury at appropriate time intervals. The baseline assessment should consider one or more of the following areas of assessment. At a minimum, the baseline assessment should consist of the use of a symptoms checklist and standardized cognitive and balance assessments."

Concussion Education
Dr. Bertone works with sports leagues, schools and parent groups to teach concussion management, conduct on-site Concussion Baseline Testing, and coordinate on-field assessments. If your group is interested in a partnership with Dr. Bertone, please call (732) 747-1262.

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Concussion Management Colleagues
Stephen G. Rice, MD Stephen Rice, MDDirector Jersey Shore University Hospital Sports Medicine Center

Board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Sports Medicine
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Joseph Conroy Joseph E. Conroy, PhD, ABN
Coastal Neuropsychology
Board Certified in Neuropsychology and Pediatric Neuropsychology
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