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Personal Training, Small Group Fitness and Golf Performance Enhancement Services Now Available
at Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club for their members!

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Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club is pleased to announce an association with db Orthopedic Physical Therapy to provide personal training, small group fitness and golf specific performance evaluations for our members. This alliance will commence during the month of April and will allow you to book services through Eagle Oaks and have the services billed to your account. This will also allow many more of our members an opportunity to utilize the outstanding fitness facilities we have made available.

db Orthopedic Physical Therapy has been providing skilled personal training services and small group fitness within its medical environment for the past 6 years. Their personal trainers are highly trained in fitness evaluations and program design to improve your overall health and wellness. In addition, the program is directed by the practice founder David Bertone, PT, DPT, OCS. Dr. Bertone has a specialty in Golf Performance Enhancement, through the Back to Golf™ program, by assessing your body for joint restrictions, weakness and lack of flexibility. The results of the evaluation will be shared with the personal training and professional golf staff to coordinate a pain free and powerful golf swing.

Services available
  • Individual Personal Training (60min session)$75/hr
  • Small Group Fitness classes (45min session)$25/class

Small Group Fitness classes will utilize a combination of techniques including resisted bands, dumbbells, and kettle bells for Body Sculpting. Additional classes may be available throughout the year based on demand.

Back to Golf™ – Golf Performance Enhancement Program
  • Biomechanical Evaluation$175
    Dr. Bertone will conduct a musculoskeletal screening exam to assess your mobility, strength, posture and flexibility specific to the needs of your golf swing. Your swing will also be videotaped and analyzed for biomechanical faults. A specific action plan will be shared in a report format.
  • 6-week Golf Specific Functional Training Program$900
    A specially designed strength and conditioning program to improve your golf swing mechanics, increase your strength and flexibility and reduce your chance of injury. 2 – 60min sessions/week x 6 weeks with the personal trainer. Includes a Biomechanical evaluation to make the proper assessment and recommendations.
  • Manual Therapy Treatment$900
    Dr. Bertone will address deficiencies detected during the golf swing analysis and musculoskeletal screening exam. He will provide manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, passive stretching and neuromuscular rehabilitation to correct biomechanical faults. 6 visits over a 6 week period.
  • Complete Back to Golf Program$1550
    You will receive the Biomechanical evaluation, Golf Specific Functional Training, and Manual Therapy Treatment performed over a 6 week period. This complete program will improve your strength, flexibility and joint mobility to allow for a more powerful and pain free golf swing.


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Staff available for Personal and Small Group Training at Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club
Lun Kichen

Lun Kichen

Lun graduated from West Chester University with a B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in pre-physical therapy in 2013. He holds multiple personal training certifications, and plans on obtaining more certifications to maximize his knowledge, and credibility in the fitness industry.  He is currently in the pursuit of getting accepted into a Doctorate’s program for Physical Therapy. When he is not training clients, he is giving private tennis lessons.  On his off time, he is involved in USTA tennis tournaments or he can be found in the gym. Lun’s knowledge of the fitness industry ranges from the secrets of weight loss, hypertrophy (muscle) gains to optimal sports performance etc.  His clients range from your elite athlete to your average joe.


Anthony Lemanski

As a passionate fitness professional Anthony prides himself on his clients’ results. His approach to training is simple: Time & Effort produces results. Whether you’re looking to lose body fat, gain muscle, excel in sports, or achieve peak physical condition this formula is tried and true. He will work with you to break plateaus, boost energy, improve flexibility, and design a program specifically for your goals! He has worked with clients ranging in age from 14 to over 75 years of age all with varying goals from fat loss and muscle gain to strength and conditioning. He is a graduate with a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute.


Paula “Polli” Schildge

Polli has been a competitive cyclist for many years developing a love for fitness and advanced exercise training. She eventually became an ACE certified personal trainer dedicated to developing and improving clients’ core strength, stability and flexibility with programming designed for neuro-muscular connection through the kinetic chain, and enhancing mind-body awareness. Polli is also certified to teach Pilates, Spinning and TRX training programs.

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