Simple Prevention For Poor Posture & Back Injury

As children start going back to school this month, many parents don't realize that their kids' backpacks may actually be doing a lot of harm to their young and impressionable postures. Let db Ortho PT keep you child safe and healthy with this specal commuity program.

Without help, children will develop spinal misalignments - leading to a wide range of health problems in the future. Besides the obvious back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, most children with spinal misalignments suffer from weak immune systems, headaches, migraines, allergies, asthma, fatigue, and acid reflux disease. While wheeled backpacks and online books are a great way to keep children from carrying heavy loads, one must remember that school-age children can also develop poor posture and spinal injuries during sports, slouching in their chair in class, or horsing around with their friends.

According to recent studies, in turns out the 6th graders carry anywhere between 14 and 20 points (some as much as 30 points) of books, notebooks, snacks, and supplies in their backpacks. When that amount of weight is incorrectly placed on the shoulders, its force will pull the child backwards. To compensate for this, most end to bend forward at the hips or arch the back - which leads to spinal misalignments, pain, discomfort, and even sciatica

Children who choose to wear their backpacks over just one shoulder, will end up forcing themselves to lean to the opposite side, in order offset the extra weight, This will not only cause shoulder strain / pain, as well as back and neck pain, but for those with scoliosis, it will be downright uncomfortable and lead to worsening of the condition.