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"I’ve had physical therapy at D &B Orthopedics for 4 different conditions, and each time has been a positive outcome with increases in strength and range of motion. Under Jessica’s guidance I just successfully completed treatment for a complex torn meniscus without the necessity of a cortisone injection. She is extremely knowledgeable and always provides a home exercise program for maintaining strength and functionality. The staff are so welcoming, professional, patient and kind. I always highly recommend D & B Orthopedics whenever I get the opportunity and I will forever be appreciative to them. "
Jan 07, 2022
"I began a journey six months ago to recover from knee surgery and severe Achilles Tendon issues. I met Kelly Haspel-Gutkes , Doctor of Physical Therapy who worked with me to go from walking with a cane to being able to take short hikes in our state parks. Being over 70 recovery presented its own issues but with her help improvement was achieved on an overall upward projection. I highly recommend seeing Kelly when recovering from injury."
Jan 06, 2022
"After being diagnosed with a herniated disk, causing pain in my upper arm and back areas, I was seeking a solution that would allow me to return to my normal activities. I already had two injections that really did not help and came to my first session with low expectations that therapy would provide a remedy. Jessica Deak was my therapist and slowly but surely, the pain began to subside. After 10 sessions, I was finally able to drive and walk without pain. The atmosphere at db Orthopedic was always upbeat and I highly recommend this center if you unfortunately need any therapy for pain relief. Thank you Jessica for coming up with a program that provided a remedy for my pain."
Jan 05, 2022
"I tore my rotator doctor refereed me to the db Orthopedic physical therapy...I couldn't be more pleased with the relentless attention given to me...I have since recovered... however, I could not have done this without the help of Jessica and Jerry and the whole team at their Manalapan location. Thanks again!"
Dec 30, 2021
"Dr. Bertone and staff were great! I had been suffering with back and hip pain on and off for years . Epidurals were masking the pain for a while but never resolved the problem. Dr. Bertone developed an exercise routine for me that helped loosen and build up strength in my muscles. I liked that your video routines are sent via text and email making it easy to follow and very convenient. I also really appreciated that Dr. Bertone went out of his way to accept my insurance company. My husband is also being treated and is very happy. I highly recommend this PT practice!"
Dec 25, 2021
"The best there is. Thank you for taking great care of me. "
Dec 15, 2021
"Dave and his staff are very professional and rehabbed my torn bicep tendon and arm back to 100% before the allotted time required. I highly recommend DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy."
Dec 08, 2021
"I was very happy with physical therapy (PT) provided by Dr. David Colella. I have had several sets of sessions of PT with him since 2016. He also provided me with exercises to do at home beyond those done in the office."
Dec 03, 2021
"I had a very good experience with David Colella and his staff. David worked me through my rehabilitation from hip surgery and related back and knee issues. David and his staff were professional in every respect and were able to target and treat my specific needs. I strongly recommend David and his staff at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy."
Nov 21, 2021
"Marisa P was wonderful. She helped me with issues with my back. She checked on me to make sure the exercises that she gave me were not creating more pain for me but were working in the areas to help my back. She checked to make sure that I was able to do the home exercises without any problem. I would definitely recommend DB Orthopedics to anyone hat needs physical therapy. The entire staff was very nice."
Nov 18, 2021
"Highly recommend db Ortho PT! Especially Dr Dave Colella. I previously had treatment at other PT practices and did not receive the treatment, care and professionalism received by this team. After having knee replacement surgery I knew that PT was part of the recovery and wasn't looking forward to it due to past experience. It was completely different with them. I highly recommend them, and have already done so! "
Nov 15, 2021
"There is absolutely nothing negative about db Orthopedic PT! The entire staff was super professional and attentive. I had the pleasure to work with Jerry (Manalapan location) who is extremely knowledgeable, patient and understanding to all my needs to get my neck back to feeling the way it should be! This place provides 1-1 care unlike a lot of PT offices I’ve attended in the past for other issues. The goal of this office is to heal and not have you stay there longer than expected. They always let you know however if you need more care in the future that their door will always be open! Thank you so much Jerry and team for helping me! "
Nov 15, 2021
"I would like to highly recommend Dr. Jessica Deak and the staff at db Ortho PT in Manalapan! Five and a half months ago I had a bad fall and wound up in the CCU with a brain bleed. Due to the fall, I was disoriented, confused, dizzy and had memory issues. At the advice of my neurologist, it was suggested that I go for vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is an exercise-based program primarily designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance and falls. Also, through the advice from my neurologist, it was suggested that I go for therapy with Dr. Jessica Deak at db Ortho PT in Manalapan. When I first started going for therapy, I still had issues with dizziness and memory. Balance was a big issue for me. I was uncomfortable in social settings, because I had trouble managing them when there was too much activity/conversation around me. Dr. Deak, assistant Layla, and the staff at db Ortho immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me build my confidence. With the visual and balance exercises that Dr. Deak worked with me on, I improved and regained my confidence. Most of the issues that occurred due to my fall subsided. I am happy to say that I was recently able to do things where there is a lot of surrounding activity, attend a wedding and go to Disneyworld. I don’t think that I would have been able to do those things without Jessica's help!! I am “graduating” from therapy this week. I will miss the wonderful team at db Ortho - Jess, Layla, Sydney, Mary Catherine, and Jerry! Jess, thank you so much for everything!! I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today without your help!!"
Nov 11, 2021
"I would like to highly recommend Dr. Jessica Deak and the staff at db Ortho PT in Manalapan! Five and a half months ago I had a bad fall and wound up in the CCU with a brain bleed. Due to the fall, I was disoriented, confused, dizzy and had memory issues. At the advice of my neurologist, it was suggested that I go for vestibular rehabilitation therapy. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is an exercise-based program primarily designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance and falls. Also, through the advice from my neurologist, it was suggested that I go for therapy with Dr. Jessica Deak at db Ortho PT in Manalapan. When I first started going for therapy, I still had issues with dizziness and memory. Balance was a big issue for me. I was uncomfortable in social settings, because I had trouble managing them when there was too much activity/conversation around me. Dr. Deak, assistant Layla, and the staff at db Ortho immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me build my confidence. With the visual and balance exercises that Dr. Deak worked with me on, I improved and regained my confidence. Most of the issues that occurred due to my fall subsided. I am happy to say that I was recently able to do things where there is a lot of surrounding activity, attend a wedding and go to Disneyworld. I don’t think that I would have been able to do those things without Jessica's help!! I am “graduating” from therapy this week. I will miss the wonderful team at db Ortho - Jess, Layla, Sydney, Mary Catherine, and Jerry! Jess, thank you so much for everything!! I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today without your help!! "
Nov 11, 2021
"I asked my doctor who he would recommend for PT after my disc replacement and back fusion surgery. He said he typically didn't give out recommendations, but in my case he wanted to make sure I went to someone he knew had a lot of success treating my issues. He thought Dr. Dave Bertone would be the best to help me overcome the damage that the disc had caused by pressing into my nerve. I had a dropped foot and a very weak piriformis muscle. On top of that my back hurt from the surgery itself. Dave and his team did an amazing job treating me. The program addressed all of my issues and changed as I progressed. Everyone there looked out for me even if they weren't working on me. The other therapist there all seemed to do a great job with their patients as well. I highly recommend any of the therapist there."
Nov 10, 2021
"I want to thank the entire staff at fb Orthopedic in Manalapan on Craig Rd. for providing me with such a safe, friendly, and supportive environment to regain quality of life after my surgeries. They are professional, compassionate, and motivational…especially my super star therapist, Dr. Jessica Deak! I became Jessica’s patient in May after total knee replacement. I returned in August after rotator cuff repair, a resection of my bicep, and repair to my shoulder joint. I am doing fantastic ! I improve so quickly after my total knee replacement that I actually returned to work after one month. I am now nine weeks out from my shoulder surgery and I have full range of motion. I cannot believe how fabulous the experience a db Orthopedic has been and I have Jessica to thank for my quick recovery. I highly recommend db Ortho because the moment you walk through the door until you leave you are treated with respect, compassion, and inspiration both mentally and physically to attain your goals. Thank you Dr. Jess, Dr. Jerry, Shannon, Sydney, Mary Catherine, Laila, Taylor ( and Mom) for your kindness and support! I will miss you my friends! "
Oct 28, 2021
"So when I first went for PT I hadn’t used my arm in over year and half. I needed shoulder replacement due to torn rotator cuff and rheumatoid arthritis that destroyed my shoulder. I was In a lot of pain but Marisa was wonderful, determined to help me get back to normal. The whole office is very friendly and caring, feels like a family. With Marisa’s help I am able to wash my hair, lift my arm up, put things away on upper shelves and a lot more without pain. I went to see my ortho doc today. He told me that I had a difficult surgery, I needed a custom replacement, and he was concerned in the beginning because I wasn’t progressing as fast as I should, but then he said I miraculously started improving dramatically and he can’t believe how well I’ve done. Its all because of Marisa’s determination to push me and make me stronger. I would highly recommend her and the practice."
Oct 22, 2021
"Having been to many physical therapists over the years and continually leaving frustrated at the routine and uncaring therapists , my experience with DB ortho was exceptional, Jessica and the staff were attentive and helpful and took their time to talk to me and help me through a difficult and painful situation , I cannot thank the staff enough for their aid and encouragement .. I would highly recommend them to anyone dealing with injuries minor or major "
Oct 06, 2021
"My time that I spent in physical therapy was helpful for my back pain. The exercises and the therapy sessions were wonderful. The physical therapists and staff were professional and kind. I would highly recommend your physical therapy office to friends and family. "
Oct 05, 2021
"Had a great experience at this place. Staff are all well trained and friendly, as well as having a great rehabilitation program. I recovered from my injury quicker than I thought I would and db Ortho definitely played a part in it."
Oct 03, 2021
"I cannot speak highly enough of this practice. After sustaining a neck injury two years ago, Jerry and his team treated my injury. So when I re-injured myself this year, I knew that I would once again be in good hands. Jerry takes personal interest in your recovery. Exercise routines are personalized and challenged toward long-term healing. PT assistants demonstrate proper movement and stay with you the entire. If you're seeking a practice that is serious about helping patients get better, look no further. You will not regret the quality level of treatment provided by db orthopedic physical therapy."
Sep 18, 2021
"My Physical Therapist Marisa and EVERY staff member at DB are professional, warm and caring. Marissa’s continued guidance and support equal recovery and return to normal activities. Such a good feeling to know I have a great PT team to depend on. "
Sep 15, 2021
"I can’t imagine going anywhere else for quality results driven physical therapy that is done with a knowledgeable and compassionate approach to your wellbeing and recovery. David is wonderful and his same compassionate, knowledgeable talents can bae found in his staff as well. I have had both hips replaced and gone to David both times, with great success,. Thanks, David, for making a difference in my life!"
Sep 13, 2021
"Great office staff. Very accommodating. Marisa was very helpful. Id recommend her to a friend. "
Sep 02, 2021
"Impossible to put into words how amazing the staff was at DB Orthopedic PT in Lincroft. Marisa Priolo was THE BEST physical therapist I’ve ever had and cares deeply about each and every one of her patients. The entire staff is extremely friendly and treats everyone with respect. You can truly tell how much each staff member loves their job and the dedication they have to help each patient as much as they can. I was excited and motivated to show up to physical therapy every time which has never happened to me in the past, and that shows how amazing this place is. THANK YOU to Marisa and everyone else at DB orthopedic PT!!"
Aug 27, 2021
"Thank you Dr Bertone. Your help and expertise was amazing. I never thought that physical therapy could make such a wonderful difference. Your facility and staff were both fantastic. Each staff member went about my remediation with such caring. I do not know what the future holds for me health wise but if I will need physical therapy I know where to go. Keep on Healing! Al Jakelis "
Aug 25, 2021
"DB Orthopedics is the best physical therapy practice I've ever used. Jess is so very knowledgeable, caring and efficient. The entire staff is very professional and so helpful. This practice is the only practice I will use if I need pt in the future. They do not try to string you along so that you're never done there. They maintain an excellent level of care for you, throughout your treatment, not just the first few visits as do other practices. Thank you Jess, and DB staff. It was a pleasure working with you."
Aug 24, 2021
"My experience with this group and primarily Jessica Deak was very rewarding in terms of better health and the ability to improve my movement and eliminate pain. I came to the db Ortho PT practice in excruciating lower back pain - and did not know why. After seeing a doctor, it turned out I had arthritis and Osteopenia. What a complete wake up call to start paying more attention to my health and to return to an exercise program to begin my rehabilitation. In less than two months, I was pain free and learning how to focus on the right physical exercises and to stay motivated with being active. Jessica was truly a professional and very understanding and empathetic. I went from three visits weekly to once a week before I was released. Jessica called it my "graduation." She watched me closely, changed my routine often, encouraged me to keep going, and pushed me to excel and challenge my strength and endurance. Now that I am on my own, it's up to me to take charge. I sure do miss Jessica and the team in Manalapan. If I could just continue going every week for a work out and to learn new things, I would! Not sure my insurance company would go for that... Anyway, I am so grateful for my progress and know that the only way to sustain it, is up to me to keep going. Thank you, Jessica! "
Aug 23, 2021
"I truly was so grateful after having a knee replacement and Dr. Costa recommending me to do my physical therapy here! I can not say enough good things about each and every person that works here. I was seen several times a week for 2 months and I can honestly say that everyone in the office is extremely kind sympathetic and caring of each person they are working on. My experience was outstanding it truly is a family, however I'm thankful I don't need therapy at the moment but I truly miss everyone of the very skilled professionals at db ortho. Thank You all for your excellent care and friendship when I needed it most. I would leave a million stars if I could .. Amy Hardy Miss You All!"
Aug 23, 2021
"Wonderful team and great professional care!"
Aug 20, 2021
"I began at db ortho lincroft for capsulitis or frozen shoulder almost 5 weeks ago. I couldn’t raise my right arm, wash my hair, reach into my back pocket or pretty much perform any movement at all. David Colella assessed my situation and began a program twice each week consisting of manipulation and exercise. Helene also performed manipulation and repeated the same exercises in David’s absence with the same care and compassion as David. I have been to 4 different PT practices in some 15 years. These two professionals are far and away the best physical therapists one could ask for. I am completely “cured” and “graduated” today, no longer requiring PT. Back to a full golf swing, serving tennis balls and swimming thanks to them. The practice is clean, professional, well equipped and friendly. If you need PT, db lincroft is the place, "
Aug 17, 2021
"I was struggling with tendinitis in my arm which was affecting almost everything I do. Marisa and the entire team at db Ortho PT were fantastic. Marisa listened to my description of issues I was having and treated it correctly. Everyone in the office was friendly and professional. I was out playing golf and enjoying workouts in no time. I would recommend Marisa and the team at db Ortho PT to anyone with orthopedic needs. "
Aug 14, 2021
"I had a real bad tennis elbow. The care by Jerry was more the superior. As a health care professional I can only say this place is the best. I have known Dr Bertone for many years and always found him to be the best there is in his field. His whole staff exemplifies this. My outcome was perfect and quick "
Aug 13, 2021
"Marisa Priolo recently helped me resolve some issues I was having with my neck and left upper arm. She had previously helped me with other orthopedic problems, and this time also proved to be absolutely spot-on in her therapies and recommendations. Marisa addresses pain and discomfort issues with me both inside and out, and I always feel I am being heard and treated in a highly intuitive and intelligent manner. She really listens and her massage and manipulations really work. She has also helped me gain confidence to perform certain exercises that are challenging but help my pain and mobility. Her treatments are aimed at helping me manage and recover from inconvenient orthopedic issues I seem to be experiencing as I get older. I highly recommend Marisa and DB Ortho!"
Aug 12, 2021
"I can't say enough about the excellent professional care I received from The Bertone Group. It was actually fun to keep my appointments with your wonderful staff. Thanks to all!"
Aug 10, 2021
"Thank you! Dr. Jessica and staff for helping me recover from my knee surgery. Your professional care and cheerful attitude made my recovery possible. I highly recommend Dr. Jessica to anyone I know who needs a physical therapist."
Jul 30, 2021
"Everyone in the office was incredibly nice. Jessica took great care of me and helped with all of my issues. I will be sure to come back if I have any problems in the future."
Jul 27, 2021
"Jessica was amazing!!! Thank you so much for helping me with my painful ankle. I will certainly suggest to anyone in need your amazing method which I followed and am following with great results. "
Jul 22, 2021
"I highly recommend this facility for their expert care & knowledge, as well as their attention to detail, cleanliness and on-time patient-therapy processing. Dave B and his skilled staff of Physical Therapists & PT Assistants have helped me following hip surgeries and shoulder problems."
Jul 08, 2021
"I highly recommend DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy if you are in need of PT. I had a wonderful experience with Dr Dave Colella at the Lincroft Office. He really goes above and beyond for his patients. I was very apprehensive to use physical therapy for my hip pain but Dr Colella was great. He listened to my concerns and created a plan that would allow me to remain active while reducing my hip pain. The personal attention I received was nothing short of 5 Stars. Each and every visit Dr Colella and his team worked with me every minute of my sessions. In addition to that, Dr Colella created an easy to follow home program I used to aid in my recovery. This personal attention is what sets DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy way above the rest. Thank you Dr "Dave" and DB."
Jul 02, 2021
"After an aggressive tear in my rotator cuff, my surgeon highly recommended db ortho for the best in recovery…especially since I lead an active athletic lifestyle. I lucked out by being assigned to an amazing PT named David Colella. Everything about David C was extraordinary. His level of professionalism and expertise in administering therapy is simply the best. He genuinely has a passion for what he does as a PT and at the same time his kindness and attentiveness on the emotional level was something I didn’t expect…but made my experience more pleasant than I could have imagined. This is 6 months out from my surgery…after 3 months my surgeon could not get over where David C got me to. I am 62 years old and ha e fill range of motion and feel stronger than ever thanks to David C and his awesome colleagues!"
Jun 29, 2021
"I can't say enough about Jessica and the great care I received from her and staff. She was able to help me gain range with my frozen shoulder after each treatment. Jessica is professional, knowledgeable , kind, caring, , patient, encouraging , good listener, very good bedside manners, always upbeat and pleasant. The facility is clean and very comfortable , the staff is professional and Jerry is funny. They also clean and sanitize all of the equipment and stations after each patient. I would give them 10 stars if I could !!! I highly recommend db Ortho PT to all my friends and family."
Jun 23, 2021
"Thank you Jessica, you were a big help with my therapy sessions. You made it so easy and I always looked forward to coming. The way you put my knees at ease I am very grateful to you. Thank you again, definitely such a sweet girl who cares about her patients and makes them feel comfortable! "
Jun 16, 2021
"Having rotator cuff surgery as a result of an aggressive tear was the first injury that I experienced that required surgery. I was recommended by my surgeon to see David Colella of DB for outstanding post surgery rehab. I knew from the very first meeting that David C was an exceptional individual and genuinely dedicated to his calling as a physical therapist. David was and has been here for me throughout my recovery. My surgeon Dr. Ryan Plyler has been so impressed with the results of my post surgery as a result of the amazing work of David Colella. I highly recommend David and his team for the best PT available...I feel stronger and more flexible than ever! Thank you David C!!! Love you and your amazing team! Joe B."
Jun 10, 2021
"I met with David Colella to talk about my problem. We set up a schedule for upcoming visits that were very rewarding. I received an illustrated printout of exercises to do at home. Exercises at DB were strictly supervised by David and his team of knowledgeable therapist. Along with the exercise I received massaging therapy from David. Very pleased with my speedy recovery. I highly recommend DB’s service and especially will refer everyone to DB."
Jun 09, 2021
"It was a pleasure going for physical therapy with Jerry He was always very patient, understanding and professional I was in pain when I started and after several weeks I felt so much better Everyone in the office was great as well I would highly recommend this practice Thanks for everything Marlene "
Jun 07, 2021
"If a person has to be in pain, I recommend DB Ortho highly. I have used them a few times in the past, wonderful care, and then again most recently for shoulder. Dave and the whole staff, very helpful, caring, and everyone knew how to treat each patient. Great care, and , if necessary, I will go back. "
Jun 05, 2021
"Dear Marisa, I want to thank you for all the care and professional guidance with my therapy. You have done wonders for my balance, stability and mental health. I’m continuing to improve with your home exercise program. Dave Bertone and his group are the very best. I have recommended many friends to your practice. Sincerely, Joe Benun"
May 31, 2021
"I would like to thank Dr Jerry and his staff for the professional treatment I received. The care is provided in a light but serious way. PT is never easy but once you are discharged you are as good as you possible can be. Every patient as I could see received the care they deserved with no shortcuts in a positive manor. Your questions about your treatment are answered honestly so you know where you stand in the recovery process. Anyone who needs PT should make an appointment to speak to Dr Jerry about your situation and I am sure you you will become a patient. "
May 27, 2021
"I came into PT extremely anxious not knowing what to expect- Jessica and the entire team truly made a difference helping me get back to my normal routines. The entire team is extremely motivating to help you get back to feeling 100%. I would 100% recommend Jessica and her team to anyone needing PT! "
May 14, 2021
"Very impressive service, honestly!! I have been treated by DB several times for the past few years, Starting with David Bertone after my 1st lumbar surgery and now I was treated by Marisa Priolo after my second, total lumbar fusion - there are no words to describe their professionalism, attention, and care!! Would highly recommend!!"
May 13, 2021
"My experience doing physical therapy at db Orthopedic was one of the best experiences I’ve enjoyed. Dr. Jessica Deak is an extraordinarily talented therapist who genuinely cares for her patients and their recovery. The entire staff at db Orthopedic are caring and professional. Their goal is the patients’ full recovery. Thanks to Jessica and Alex I can get back to a normal, unlimited, pain free life!"
May 10, 2021
"I am so thankful for Jessica and the staff at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy for helping me. From the initial phone call to make an appointment to the last day of my program everybody was fabulous. I am so grateful how Jessica handled my pain in my back. She pushed me to get the most out of the exercises that I was given (and believe me there were times I didn't think I could ). Her support was so greatly appreciated. With Jessica's dedication and expertise I highly recommend her and db orthopedic Physical Therapy. I truly don't know how I would have managed without her help!"
May 02, 2021
"I can't say enough about the fantastic care I was given by Dr. David Colella and the entire support staff at dB Ortho PT. Having had an injury that severed three muscles in my shoulder I was concerned that after my surgery I wouldn't be able to return to a full range of motion and recoup the strength in my shoulder. Not only was the team able to help me get the flexibility back in my shoulder, I feel stronger now than I did prior to the accident. I've been able to return to all the activities I enjoy so therefore I would say there couldn't have been a better outcome. "
Apr 29, 2021
"I had a full tear of my rotator cuff in my dominant shoulder. This surgery was very challenging and I was not prepared to have no use of my should and most of my arm. I saw Jessica in Manalapan 5 days post surgery. I hadn't slept in days and was in a fair amount of pain. I had no idea what she would do, or how she would do anything since I was unable to move the affected area. She was gentle, welcoming and provided a strong amount of encouragement. She told me it would take a period of time to get back to normal, but she would be with me every step of the way. She was correct and slowly I made progress. Little things, like shaving, brushing my teeth, all got easier as she devised a plan for me to challenge and improve the suctioning of my shoulder. I am six months post-op and I "graduated" from PT. I owe so much of my progress to Jessica and her team. She knew exactly what to do, how to push, how to encourage, how to back off, and how to make me look forward to going to PT. All of this during COVID and the necessary precautions that we all had to follow. I was also able to observe Jessica with other patients, the young suffering from concussions, the elderly - she is so gentle, caring and understanding. A consummate professional. I recommend Jessica and the entire DB team without any reservations. While we don't plan on having these types of medical interventions, if you have to go through it, Jessica and the team are the ones you want to join you on the journey. She made a very difficult situation much better and got me back to where I need to be. She is the best!!"
Apr 25, 2021
"In November, 2020, I had significant reconstruction surgery on my knee. Within days of surgery I was being assisted in my recovery by the wonderful team at DBOrtho. Jessica Deak immediately walked me through the expected recovery time line, told me what to expect from PT, and started putting me through exercise commensurate with my abilities. Fast forward 5 months and I am now done with PT and back to my normal activities. Throughout the course of my PT with Jessica she constantly tailored my treatment to fit my specific needs, pushed me when needed, and made herself available to answer all of my questions about my recovery. I am very grateful for the entire team at DBOrtho, Jessica, Alex, and Jerry, for assisting me in getting back to my pre-surgery activities and quality of life. Thank you!"
Apr 21, 2021
"I was recently under the care of Dr. David Colella, at DB Orthopedic, after my knee replacement surgery. David is the ultimate professional and is an expert in his field. He provided me with an excellent plan of care and support during my recovery. David truly cares about his patients. He listens to your concerns and offers meaningful guidance and encouragement. That meant so much to me. In fact, the entire DB staff has the same standard of care. They are there for you with constant smiles and words of encouragement. I highly recommend Dr. David Colella and DB Orthopedic. "
Apr 14, 2021
"Have had Jessica at db Ortho for therapy after hip replacement and also for knee strengthening exercise program Jessica helped me go from walking with a cane for one block to be able to walk three miles plus . Most important I can now put on my socks and tie my shoes without any pain. Would recommend them highly as being professional and making the exercises enjoyable . "
Apr 13, 2021
"My experience with Dr Deak and the staff at the Manalapan office was one of the best you can ask for They all worked very diligently with my needs The minute you walked into the office, you were greeted with the most friendliest staff i have ever witnessed As i observed, Dr Deak and the staff worked with every patient in the utmost professional way It was like hanging out at a friends house As I observed, everyone was very professional and attentive to all the patients needs Plus the jokes were somewhat funny! My respect and pleasure coming to this office will not be forgotten"
Apr 12, 2021
" My husband and I had been to many physical therapists over many years to treat our various aches and pains. None compare to the level of care, expertise , explanations and pleasantries that we received from Jerry Moczertiuk and staff. Jerry knows what course of action to take, how to measure progress, and he knows how to engage you. Years ago I asked one of my orthopedic doctor relatives how I would know if I were using a competent physical therapist. One of the most important things he said is that during treatment you are not left alone. In Jerry's office you receive constant attention and a routine that is never boring. I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago and my recovery was hastened by the Manalapan office's competence. For me , my treatments were always a great combination of exercise, and soothing techniques. Today I graduated PT for a shoulder problem. If you are reading this, do not hesitate to seek out your physical therapy from Jerry Moczertiuk. "
Apr 09, 2021
"Jessica, Alex and Sidney make a great team. I was taken care of in a very professional and friendly way. The treatment that I received was top notch. I highly recommend going to db orthopedic PT. "
Apr 09, 2021
"I underwent knee replacement surgery a few months ago and my surgeon referred me to dbOrtho. My physical therapist was Marisa Priolo who was knowledgeable, experienced and caring. She prepared a program which was tailored to suit my needs. The support staff were also exceptional and the Lincroft office is run efficiently. After completing seven weeks of physical theraphy I feel great and I would highly recommend dbOrtho, Marisa Priolo in particular."
Apr 04, 2021
"Dr. Jessica Deak and staff at DB Orthopedic PT provided excellent care after my knee surgery. Jessica kept me motivated during recovery and was honest about expectations. Jessica made keen observations and asked for feedback during PT which enabled her to make adjustments she deemed beneficial during treatment. The Manalapan office personnel were all pleasant, highly competent and great communicators."
Apr 02, 2021
"Being an ex-athlete and avid weightlifter, I've suffered many injuries throughout the years. Out of the 8+ physical therapists I've worked with, Dr. Dave Bertone and his team are the only ones I would return to. My most recent injury came after a car accident. This landed me 6 months of physical therapy provided by both Dave and Marisa. They made the months fly by quickly, especially with their humor. As sad as I am that I don’t get to see them 2-3 times a week anymore, I am also immensely grateful that they were a part of my healing process. Dave and Marisa pushed me daily to get me back to where I wanted to be physically. After surgery and being on crutches, I could barely run for 5 minutes. It has been 3 months since being discharged and I am back to running 3+ straight miles a couple times a week and back to weightlifting. They’ve helped me heal through 3 separate surgeries over the years and I could not be more thankful."
Mar 28, 2021
"I just finished a few weeks of PT at dbOrthoPT's Lincroft office after injuring my shoulder. Having never done PT (or ever really hurting myself to the point that I needed it), I didn't really know what to expect. I was more than pleased with everyone at db's Lincroft office. Even when there were many patients there (which was only after a snowstorm and many appointments needing to be rescheduled), never did I feel forgotten or left to my own devices. With Dr Marisa Priolo's treatments, care and insight my recovery from what I was afraid might be a long-lasting (or permanent) issue with my shoulders a thing of the past in just a few weeks. As well, I now have a much better understanding of the things I do on a regular basis that have been contributing to my issues for years. And, more importantly, how to notice when I'm doing them...and then not doing them. Everyone is professional, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, fun and they work together as a well-oiled machine. The office is always clean and comfortable and everyone is very diligent about sanitizing anything and everything immediately after it's used. While I hope to never have to need PT again, I'd be more than happy to come back to this office and staff. "
Mar 26, 2021
"I tripped and broke the head of the tibia [right below my knee]. After 9 weeks off my leg and in a wheelchair, I rolled into db Ortho PT. Marisa Priolo did an excellent job to help me recover and get back to normal [I now walk at least 2 miles a day]. She provided the knowledge, experience, patience and support to help me succeed toward my goal. I highly recommend the entire dbOrthoPT team and especially Marisa. I actually looked forward to going to PT. Thank you for such great care!"
Mar 23, 2021
"Wonderful care at db ortho pt in lincroft. Staff is very knowledgeable, caring, and professional. David Colella helped me so much after my shoulder replacement. It's still a miracle to me that I am using my arm so freely and without pain. A couple of years ago I was able to walk without pain in my foot after therapy with Helene. I highly recommend this practice. "
Mar 23, 2021
"This is my third time having to do PT (all different body parts) and each time I have chosen to go to DB Ortho. Everyone who works here is wonderful and they make PT fun to go to. I am so thankful for the way they have helped to relieve my pain and the home exercises are always available in case I start to feel poorly. "
Mar 08, 2021
"Jerry (physical therapist) extremely knowledgeable and professional, his staff is also very courteous and professional. They make you forget that you have issues. Thanks to their help , my pain has gone from extreme to very mild to almost non existent. I am very happy that I chose them for my therapy and would recommend to anyone that has any back , joint issues or anything else. "
Mar 03, 2021
"After being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome I once again returned to DB Orthopedics for physical therapy for additional therapy. Dr. Jerry (clinical director) runs an immaculate facility and abides 100% by the CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Jessica, my PT had previously treated me for issues relating to herniated discs in my back. This time she designed a program of massage, mobility exercises, and strength work for my hand, arm and shoulder. Through Jessica's guidance and skills my carpal tunnel syndrome has been resolved in a month of seeing her 2x a week. Alex, (p/t assistant) has a wonderful attitude and made working on the machines a fun experience. Mary Catherine and Sidney (front desk staff) are an essential part of keeping this facility running. I highly recommend DB Orthopedics "
Feb 24, 2021
"Very professional from the front desk and all treatments. Jerry is the best. Highly recommend "
Feb 24, 2021
"Marissa and staff are the best and most caring! I have been to a few different therapist in NJ and they are by far the most knowledgeable! Thanks"
Feb 18, 2021
"Jessica Deak was kind,patient and very knowledgeable. She was able to target my pain and tried to alleviate it each and every session. She never rushed and answered all my questions. The exercises she suggested I do at home were extremely helpful and specific to my injury. I would highly recommend Jessica to my family and friends."
Feb 17, 2021
"I was referred to dbOrthoPT by my doctor, and I am so glad that he recommended this place. The office is clean, nice and the staff is very friendly and professional. I had to recover from my ankle surgery and Marisa Priolo did an excellent job to help me recover and get back to normal. She had the knowledge, experience and patience to help me succeed toward my goal. I highly recommend dbOrthoPT and especially Marisa. Thank you for such great care!" "
Feb 12, 2021
" At the Lincroft office, where I did my PT, I had a very good experience. Dr. Marissa Priolo's treatment was totally professional and thorough. Truly, the results passed my expectations. I especially appreciate the "team approach" at DB. Nicky & Marissa's assistance as well as others supporting Dr. Marissa Priolo's treatment plan was a huge PLUS ! The result is that a patient never feels abandoned or forgotten about. There is absolutely no waste of time as in other physical therapy practices where a patient might wonder if she is invisible! Not at DB. The team at DB practitioners is always alert, aware and one step ahead! Additionally, when a staff member became ill, there was no down time because DB had the dedication to its patients to bring in replacements from its other location. The gentleman who substituted for the technicians Marissa & Nicky was also very professional and helpful. My only sad thought is that now I'm on my own and missing the encouragement and support of the team. I've grown fond of all of you, even though it may not show. I am very glad I still have the exercises in the email to follow so that I can enforce the strength in my muscles to hopefully maximize recovery if and when I proceed with knee replacements. I am very grateful for the help and direction I received at DB/Lincroft."
Feb 12, 2021
"Amazing experience. Went form contact pain / can't sit long to went skiing yesterday 02/04/2021. Im much more flexible and pain free thanks to this amazing staff. Also one of the cleanest facilities Ive ever been too. (including. Dr's and dentist offices). They take pride in cleaning the office and machines which I super appreciated during this pandemic. "
Feb 05, 2021
"Amazing service. Could barely sit/drive my car when I first went to DB Ortho because of some bad hip pain. Three weeks later im full healed, more flexible than ever, and pain free. Office is extremely clean and they sanitize every machine / table as soon as you get off of it. Staff couldn't be more friendly. "
Feb 05, 2021
"Very positive experience. Tremendous staff all of which are highly qualified and motivated. Facility is state of the art and immaculately clean. "
Jan 23, 2021
"I suffer from chronic low back pain and have undergone physical therapy across numerous different practices over last 20 years. It allows me to compare the quality of care, outcomes, attentiveness and expertise of the staff. I found the staff at DB Ortho - from the therapists, to the assistant and front desk to be absolutely the best. They spent extensive time educating me on all aspects of my low back pain - science / anatomy, explained the “whys” and “how to” of the personalized treatment design, leveraged multiple modalities, changed treatment based on my response to therapy that was checked every time i went for an appointment and provided attentive, hands-on care. Very impressed! I will always recommend Jerry Moczerniuk and his team at Manalapan location to all my friends and family. "
Jan 15, 2021
"I wanted to thank Dr. Bertone and the entire DB Orthopedics staff for making my PT experience a pleasure. Everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is great. Dr. Bertone was fantastic at answering any question I had about my injury and took the time to answer them in detail. And they have really cool equipment (anti-gravity, lasers) so extra points for that. I highly recommend this office for anyone in need of Physical Therapy."
Jan 05, 2021
"DB orthopedic PT is a very well run and friendly office. I have been going there for the better part of a year and received excellent care and guidance. And Marisa is one of the most Knowledgeable PT's around. "
Jan 05, 2021
"Just completed my post-op total knee replacement physical therapy with Dave Colella, PT, DPT. I am so thankful to him and the entire staff at db Ortho for all they did to speed my recovery. In such trying times, the facility was always clean, precautionary and efficient. Everyone was friendly and very professional, always ready to help in any way. They definitely keep you engaged and I would definitely recommend to anyone in need of physical therapy. "
Dec 21, 2020
"This review has taken me 11 1/2 years to write. My daughter Stephanie tore her ACL in 8th grade while at soccer practice. I knew Dave so that’s where I went to. Dave worked with her before surgery to strengthen her muscles. Dave started her PT 2 days after surgery, there were tears and pain but Dave encouraged her and continued working with her to get her back to soccer. Well 5 months later she was back on the field playing with her tournament team. Stephanie left Dave’s office saying she wanted to be a PT because Dave made her feel perfect again. Steph went on to high school and when senior year came and it was time to apply to college she still wanted to be a PT, off to school she went. 6 1/2 years. Today December 20,2020 Stephanie received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Thank you Dave for making a difference in her life. "
Dec 20, 2020
"I have been a client/patient of the Manalapan office of dbOrtho since November 2020, and I would not go anywhere else. I absolutely love the care and support that I receive from the entire team. My therapist, Dr. Jessica Deak, is awesome. She is super- smart, professional, courteous, and exceptionally intuitive. Dr. Deak is a talented Physical Therapist with a great personality, and someone who inspires confidence. Dr. Deak's assistant, Alex, is wonderful and also talented. dbOrtho Clinical Director, Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk, has established a healthy and highly productive environment that operates quite efficiently, which is evident in the synergy between the staff. Mary Catherine and Sydney are consummate professionals who both work very hard to maintain a tight ship and handle the administrative tasks and complexities associated with running a busy therapeutic environment. I am very happy with the care I receive and will recommend dbOrtho PT to friends and family! Simply the best 👍 "
Dec 18, 2020
"Outstanding treatment and care from Marisa for my conditions!!!! She is knowledgeable and caring and made me look forward to my sessions. My progress was impressive; I have gone for PT in the past and never recall having results like this. I highly recommend the practice. Marisa in particular."
Dec 07, 2020
"Marisa: I can't thank you enough for your guidance and assistance in nursing me back to health. When I first had the surgery it felt as though I'd never fully regain use my arm again, it was that painful. Hard work and determination, in conjuction with your rehabilitation methods and techniques, has allowed me to resume my day-to-day life nearly pain free. Your attention, gentle hand, kindness and friendship will remain with me always. I would, however, be remiss if I fail to apply similar praise to the entire staff at DB Orthopedic PT. Everyone was welcoming and professional, working like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for allowing me to play in your world, I hope I wasn't too much of a burden. Be well, safe and careful and know that you'll be in my warmest thoughts and prayers. Happy Holidays !!!"
Dec 02, 2020
"I want to thank Jessica and db physical therapy for helping me recover from the issues I had with neck pain. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of rehabilitation services."
Nov 29, 2020
"First of all, let me say that this review is long overdue! I first went to see Dave and his team after having knee surgery, and on day one I knew this place was something special. It was very different from all of the many PT places I have gone to in the past. Dave and his entire team are extremely welcoming, competent, experienced, versatile and skilled! They have helped me with knee, elbow and back problems, as well as concussion. They are attentive to you while you are doing your exercises, making sure that you are doing things correctly, and are encouraging throughout. I have had physical therapy since childhood, but I now have a therapy team that I can always count on! I trust them thoroughly, and recommend this practice to anyone of any age or treatment scenario- really excellent!"
Nov 27, 2020
"Having suffered a compression fracture, I was fitted for a back brace which seriously restricted movement. I felt like my body was just a solid block. As I started by program of physical therapy with Dr. Bertone, I thought it was going to be a long road back to what had been my normal life style. As an old ex dancer, I prayed that I could get back to my classes. I am beyond thrilled with my recovery. Although I still can't go back to zumba, everything else is a "go". WOW. What I especially loved about Dr. Bertone, I wasn't treated like a 76 year old. He pushed when he needed to push me to another limit and it felt great! "
Nov 27, 2020
"I would like to thank Dr. Jessica Deak for the care I received from her due to my hip replacement surgery. From the first visit to the last, Dr. Deak created an exercise plan to fit my needs. If something did not mesh Dr. Deak was right there trying something else. As a result of that care, I quickly returned to normal in a short period of time. My quality of life improved immensely. Dr. Deak took the time to get to know me and provide me with a best plan for recovery. Dr. Deak is kind and compassionate and I never had a session with her that she was not smiling and always had a very positive attitude. If one thing did not work, she tirelessly had a plan B for me. Dr. Deak also provided me with home exercises and will be following up with me from time to time. I highly recommend Dr. Deak to anyone needing excellent physical therapy for any reason. At db Orthopedic Physical Therapy you can have fun but also get excellent patient care with fantastic results."
Nov 19, 2020
"Dave Bertone and the team are great! Hands-on therapy and innovative modalities have been used over the years to successfully treat several injuries, most recently enabling me to avoid surgery on my hip. As a personal trainer I recommend DBOrthopt to my clients!"
Nov 18, 2020
"Db Ortho had the most incredible staff! They are knowledgeable, patient, friendly and supportive. David Colella took great care of my knee after surgery. Nikki and Marissa will keep you laughing and smiling through the workouts and Chelsea is always available if you have a question. "
Nov 09, 2020
"I can’t praise Dr. Colella and the wonderful Lincroft staff enough for all they great care they gave me during my recovery. From day one I was greeted with such positivity, I knew I was in the right place! Thank you all for this excellent healing experience. You are truly extraordinary!"
Oct 31, 2020
"I was treated for a frozen shoulder at DB Orthopedic's. I was very impressed with my care at this office, I had this condition in my other shoulder and had been treated by a different practice. Dave, Nicki and Marissa offered outstanding care and treatments. The staff was also very flexible with my schedule during the pandemic as well as cleaning and sanitizing all of the equipment and stations after every patient. I would absolutely recommend this practice to my family and friends. Dan"
Oct 20, 2020
"dbOrthopedic Physical Therapy provides exceptional therapy with state of the art equipment. Dave Colella is outstanding as are all of the staff at db Orthopedics. I have received PT at various facilities over the years and none have compared to db! "
Oct 16, 2020
"I just finished ten sessions with Jessica and am feeling much better. My doctor prescribed physical therapy after I told him I was having balance problems. After Jessica stretched me we got into balancing exercises. I walk l l/2 miles a day and I'm not swaying from one side of the road to the other. I would certainly recommend anyone who is experiencing balance problems to make an appointment and see Jessica."
Oct 07, 2020
"I highly recommend the team here. I had sciatic pain that was helped immensely by Dave and his crew...thank you! "
Oct 01, 2020
"Dr Dave and the team were great. I started out frustrated with my balance and dizziness and ended therapy so relieved to be able to function again with confidence. It wasn't easy, but the team answered my questions, and gave me homework, which enabled me to progress. They made me feel very welcome and I felt very safe during this covid time."
Sep 27, 2020
"Great staff! Great experience!!! Marisa Priolo took exceptional care of me! Everyone was so helpful. Not only am I back to doing everything I was before I broke my ankle, Marisa was able to save me from having surgery for plantar fasciitis. I would highly recommend db Orthopedic Physical Therapy!!!!"
Sep 22, 2020
"I went to this practice for rehabbing from foot stress fractures. I would definitely use this practice again. Marisa was very competent, a good listener, and flexible about my needs. She saw that I was good at doing the exercises she gave me to do from home. As I got stronger, she gave me additional exercises to use at home that I can see will be a big help to me. Given the covid situation and being in a high risk group, I am grateful that I can make good progress from home and not have to make regular trips to her office. "
Sep 15, 2020
"I will highly recommend this practice to others and will use again. The owner should be very proud of staff. Very professional. "
Sep 10, 2020
"When I arrived at dB orthopedic, I met my therapist, Marisa, who said she would get me back in shape with some hard work.After a month of therapy, I am pain free with the help of Marisa and a great staff of people in the office. My pain is gone and didn’t need any medication.thank you again and your staff."
Sep 09, 2020
"I had a nagging hip issue that was preventing me from running without pain. Jessica worked with me and came up with a plan that allowed me to rehab the injury, while continuing to train for an upcoming race. By following her advice, the pain gradually went away and I had a successful race. Jessica and the other physical therapists at DB PT are knowledgeable and friendly and help their patients get back to being healthy and stronger than before."
Sep 05, 2020
"Having been with Marissa and her team for over 6 mos. rehabbing a broken leg and ankle has been quite an experience. She and the group made me comfortable which made the exercises more palatable. I would highly recommend them if you are in need of physical therapy. They made it more fun than a chore and I would recommend this group ."
Aug 29, 2020
"The most educated and amazing PT Dr we have ever had . Dr Jerry was highly recommended by our ortho surgeon and upon first appt pinpointed exactly what others couldn’t. He immediately started working on my daughter’s issue and within days we saw results!!! Thank u so much !!!"
Aug 27, 2020
"Just want to thank Marisa and the entire staff first being professional and caring in their work ethic. I am deeply appreciate in handling my concerns. I highly recommend anyone who needs PT to come to D B physical therapy for their needs."
Jul 29, 2020
"Marisa fixed by shoulder problem very quickly with just a few visits "
Jul 23, 2020
"Dr. Bertone was so helpful in easing the pain in my hip. He is extremely knowledgeable, and the entire team is responsible, personable and kind. Physical therapy appointments were something I looked forward to, and I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for help! "
Jul 20, 2020
"Marissa and the entire team at DB Orthopedic are consummate professionals. They consistently look for innovative solutions to unique physical and neurological problems and apply them with positive results. On top of that, they are a fun group to be around. Thanks for all your help!"
Jul 03, 2020
"Marisa helped me fix my shoulder issue quickly and efficiently "
Jun 27, 2020
"Thank you David for your wonderful care threw my recovery!! You are truly the best therapist! I wouldn’t use anyone else! Thank you, stay safe! Marta"
Jun 23, 2020
"I am so grateful to Marisa Priolo at DB Ortho for helping me get back to full functionality after a cumulative neck/shoulder issue. She was so knowledgeable and intuitive, besides being expert at manipulating and treating my ailment. I also really appreciated her encouragement of my abilities to help heal myself. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist, and will return to DB Ortho if I am in need of any further orthopedic treatment. The staff and facility in Lincroft are top notch."
May 30, 2020
"My PT Jessica Deak’s was so sweet and knowledgeable from our 1st visit till our last. I was in tremendous pain but after just 2 visits I felt so much better . My back spasms have completely stopped and I can sleep at night pain free. I would 100% recommend her and this office. Everyone in the office is extremely friendly. "
Apr 08, 2020
"When my accident occured a couple of months ago, I finally sought out help through a Surgical Orthopedist who diagnosed me with a possible torn bicep muscle and gave me a choice of surgery or Physical Therapy to see if there would be any improvement of motion and range in my left arm. I opted for the later one and found Db Ortho PT online and found both your ratings and reviews were very good. Dr. David Bertone's practice was highly qualified for my particular needs and I sought out using his practice for my particular needs and requirements. I was interviewed by Dr. David Calella, of which both his bedside manners with me and his professionalism was quite outstanding. We arranged with Dr. Calella for him to take care of my needs and I was introduced, welcomed, and graciously taken in by the rest of the PR's there. Their caring demeanor and personable attitude towards both I and the other patients was "spot on" and along with their goals of getting me better with my restricted mobility was to improve and continue on with my "normal" daily activities. I have gotten to know the rest of the crew, Nicole, Marrissa, Marissa, Helene, Chelsea & Alie at the reception desk well enough to highly recommend Db Ortho PT to anyone who needs it. Their courteous and professional caring for the customer is beyond A++. Thank you"
Mar 18, 2020
"I had the pleasure of working with Physical Therapist Jessica Deak at the Manalapan location for therapy on my lumbar spine and also post surgical therapy for my cervical spine. I couldn't have asked for a more thorough, passionate, and informative therapist. She went above and beyond in explaining everything she was doing that was related to my care. The aides and office staff were very helpful, friendly, and a pleasure to work with also. I highly recommend this practice and any of there highly skilled therapists."
Feb 28, 2020
"Jessica was thoroughly professional and knowledgeable. I simply could not have made the incredible progress I did without her. I give Db Orthopedic, and Jessica Deak my highest possible endorsement. "
Jan 31, 2020
"So grateful for Jerry and the amazing staff at db Orthopedic PT - Manalapan for helping me with my shoulder problems. Jerry was not only extremely knowledgeable about my injury and how best to rehab from it but he also brought a personal touch and made my time there a very enjoyable experience. Hard work for sure but also had many great conversations as well as a lot of laughs. The entire team from the assistants to the front desk, were so responsive and supportive and you could tell that they all are true professionals and enjoy what they do. The entire practice runs like a fine Swiss watch and I could not have been any more pleased with my experience. Thank you all for your help, kindness and support. I am truly grateful. Well done DB and Jerry, you built a beautiful practice."
Jan 29, 2020
"The Physical Therapy I received post hip replacement surgery was exceptional. Marisa P was my primary therapist and the program she developed and the care she provided was excellent, Marisa and Nicky were also great. They kept me moving and provided tremendous assistance during my sessions. Helene was also exceptional when Marisa P was not available. I would highly recommend DB Orthopedic to anyone coming off surgery. "
Jan 27, 2020
"The entire staff at DB was great. Marisa was my lead and took excellent care of me. I was there for 3 months after knee replacement and owe it to her and other staff for my quick recovery. Highly recommend DB "
Jan 23, 2020
"Professional, thorough, diligent, and caring are just a few words that describe the staff at db Orthopedic. Dr. Marisa, Helene, and Nicole were key contributors to my rehabilitation and recovery. I highly recommend this practice!"
Jan 18, 2020
"In my review of Dr. Deak, I want to add a commendation for the support staff as well. Phil, Sydney, Mary Catherine, all exceptional people who greeted me with smiles, laughs and good conversation. They all made my visits exceptional as well. I am looking forward to seeing them all again after my next hip replacement surgery."
Jan 11, 2020
"I want to thank Dr. Jessica Deak for the wonderful care and treatment she gave me during my therapy sessions following my hip replacement surgery. Between the stretching treatments and treadmill, stationary bike and floor exercises, my recovery was exceptional. I also want to thank Dr. Deak for being kindhearted and compassionate. It meant so much to me. You were so kind to me from my first appointment and throughout each of the therapy sessions. Because of Dr. Deak, my level of mobility improved tremendously in a short period of time. She always portrayed a positive attitude, always a smile on her face, and always reinforcing how each exercise would help in my recovery. Dr. Deak made my physical therapy easier and fun. Thanks once again for the fantastic recovery. I hope to see you again in a couple of months following my next hip replacement surgery."
Jan 11, 2020
"Even though I was only able to be in PT for a little over 2 weeks, my lower back feels significantly better. Marissa gave me many helpful stretches and exercises, while also providing proper technique. I now feel confident to continue exercising my back while I am at school. "
Jan 10, 2020
"THE BEST! I honestly was not looking forward to the “PT” experience. Dreaded it actually. BUT... I am incredibly grateful I landed in the hands of dB Orthopedic in Manalapan. Dr. Jessica Deak, and the entire staff, were comforting, understanding, motivating, educating, and flat out awesome. They really have an understanding of their craft. Dr. Deak focused on getting my shoulder, and all the small muscles surrounding it, stronger from my unfortunate injury. I must say, they definitely pushed me, but didn’t kill me. While gaining my mobility, and rang of motion back, the results spoke volumes of your hard work. Thank you, Jess, Jerry, Olivia, and the entire staff. 1000% RECOMMENDED! "
Jan 08, 2020
"I recently finished PT at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy following a knee replacement. I was welcomed in a friendly environment each session by a precision staff which provided great care to in ensuring my progress with each session. Accolades to David and the entire staff!"
Jan 01, 2020
"I just finished my physical therapy treatment with Jessica Deak, DPT. DB orthopaedics has done it again with having another amazing, intelligent, thorough, intuitive physical therapist! Jessica is wise beyond her years with such awesome techniques to strengthen your area in need. You can't just help but enjoy your sessions with her because she truly cares about her patients entire well being. Her genuine heart lifts your spirit despite the pain you may be in. Jessica will lead you to be stronger mentally & physically. Words cannot even come close to expressing my gratitude for her treatment. "
Dec 13, 2019
"After 3 weeks of pre-op therapy followed by 6 weeks of post knee replacement surgery I've returned to a normal life.The staff at db Othopedic made PT as close to fun as possible,they are most competent, attentive and caring.I was always greeted with a smile,it's easy to bond with these people."
Dec 07, 2019
"Just had a therapeutic massage with Micki at db Orthopedic! She was wonderful. I'm currently seeing David for PT on my neck, and David and Micki discussed the best treatment for me and my specific condition. Micki knew exactly what to do, exactly what not to do, and I walked away feeling easier. Can't recommend Micki enough!"
Dec 02, 2019
"db Orthopedic Physical Therapy facility was excellent: compact, efficient, able to accommodate multiple patients simultaneously (5). The entire staff was professional, well organized, personable and highly interactive (5). My physical therapist, Marisa Priolo was the best. She met the highest standards of a professional therapist; she thoroughly exceeded my expectations. She established immediate rapport, assessed the degree of my arthritic hip, and proceeded to guide me through a set of vigorous exercises, that to a large degree, restored my mobility. She was very professional to work with: stern, but friendly, guided the degree of exercises steadfastly, and monitored my progress closely (5+). I am more than satisfied with the care and services I received at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy and working with Marisa. "
Nov 26, 2019
"As a Pediatric OTR I have worked with many Physical Therapists, however, when it comes to being a patient and in pain I would highly recommend going to Jessica D. She was extremely attentive to what I needed and worked individually with me at each therapy session, which is unusual based on my other experiences with PT therapy groups. The overall staff was welcoming and very easy to work with."
Nov 20, 2019
"I had a very good experience with my physical therapist, Jessica Deak. She was very friendly ,knowledgeable and sincere with solving my problem. I would recommend her to use her as an excellent therapist. I also liked the place and all the people worked there were courteous and friendly. Thank you Jessica for helping me and making me get better. Sincerely, Aruna Dalal "
Nov 12, 2019
" I have been receiving treatment for the last four (4) weeks for a wound on my elbow due to surgery that was not healing. Prior to this I was treated by my surgeon and the wound center at Jersey Shore. I know Dave from our golf course so off I went, this has been an amazing experience. I was evaluated by Dave Colella and he came up with a treatment plan, this was over seen by the big Kuana himself Dave Bertone he also evaluated my situation. In very short order I began seeing some very positive results, I have been treated since Aug 7, the date of surgery with almost no results until I walked into this operation. Dave Colella is a magician , he has treated me with a laser that has turned the tide. He also designed an exercise program for me which is mostly handled by the staff, they are friendly, capable and professional all at the same time which we do not see much of these days. These people really care, for that I give thanks. Bob Coyne"
Nov 05, 2019
"Having done many years of PT at another facility, the staff and facility here was a welcome surprise. All of them were professional, caring, and well trained in what they were doing and in what they expected me to do. Their equipment is excellent, too. I recommend db Orthopedics wholeheartedly. "
Oct 24, 2019
"What a professional, smooth running, friendly environment I found at DB Orthopedic PT. Dave Colella was my PT who designed my rehab program and I would recommend him without a doubt. I actually looked forward to my appointments where I was never kept waiting. The staff was always available and pleasant. After four months, I can say I will miss the DB family! The continuous supply of sweets at the front desk was a lovely bonus! "
Oct 21, 2019
"October 17. 2019 Dr. David Colella DB Physical Therapy, Lincroft NJ I thank Dr. David Colella, and highly recommend him, for successfully enabling me to walk again after physical therapy sessions at DB physical therapy, Lincroft NJ. I had a “Femur Fracture Open Reduction and Internal Fixation”. In other words, a broken Femur fixed with a rod inserted into the Femur with screws and pins. My first session with Dr. David Colella, I came with my walker and left with my cane. After multiple therapy sessions I was given the opportunity to walk on the ZERO-G anti-gravity treadmill. It was a revelation to actually walk with my previously broken leg. Progress continued from there to walking unassisted on the regular treadmill increasing speed and distance. I am grateful for having found DB physical therapy, Dr. David Colella and all the wonderful capable people working with him. Thank you to all. Respectfully. Jim Malone "
Oct 17, 2019
"Jessica is a very friendly and helpful therapist. I had frozen shoulder. She and her team patiently explained and trained me. After three weeks,my arm was almost completely back to normal."
Oct 10, 2019
"Excellent experience Dr Jerry Moczerniuk and his staff were outstanding! 3 mouths after knee replacement I was back on the golf course. Clean and friendly atmosphere I recommend Db OrthoPt of Manalapan highly thanks Dr Jerry"
Oct 08, 2019
"Very professional effective physical therapy!!"
Oct 07, 2019
"I can’t say enough of great things about my experience at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Marisa Priolo DPT and all the members of the practice are kind, patient, and friendly. Marisa and the other skilled therapists were intent on teaching and helping me regain the functionality of my shoulder. I highly recommend this practice! Thank you Marisa and staff."
Oct 02, 2019
"David Bertone is a gem with the kindest heart! He sat with me and we discussed the things that were bothering me. He put a plan together and within days I started to feel a difference. Each week my back felt a little better and within a month I was completely pain free. He even created exercise workouts at home for me to do. Another issue I had was a hyperextended right arm from racquetball that was incredibly painful. After 2 weeks of therapy with no positive results, David sent me to an orthopedic surgeon and with the help of Dr Chris Johnson, I was back to working out and playing racquetball again. David is extremely professional and his staff is wonderful and accommodating. I highly recommend him for anyone needing physical therapy. "
Sep 27, 2019
"I was very impressed with the commitment to excellence from the physical therapy staff at DB Orthopedics. Dave Colella, PT, DPT was my primary physical therapist and far exceeded my expectations. His personalized and supportive approach created a setting which helped me regain full mobility and range of motion of my hip and knee. I no longer suffer from back pain from a herniated disc as I have strengthened my core muscles and learned proper stretching techniques under the tutelage of Dave and his team. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, and all staff members were warm and considerate, taking time to greet me by name even if they were not directly involved in my care at the moment. It was a very positive experience and without reservation, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend DB Orthopedics to anyone. "
Sep 10, 2019
"I would highly recommend DB Orthopedic (*****) to anyone looking for quality and innovative physical therapy. DB Ortho is always my first call when the inevitable ailment pops up and they have never disappointed in my journey through back, hip and shoulder pain. It is an office where everyone knows your name and you are quickly embraced as one of the family. The office is friendly and full of energy, the banter is great and the care is always excellent. Dave B. Is the owner and architect of this amazingly well run and professional office. Dave brings 30 years of PT experience and specializes in pragmatic yet innovative care for all common physical ailments. His hands on approach is his calling card, as is his eye for using unconventional techniques that get to the heart of the problem and accelerate the recovery. Just as important to the practice’s success are his colleagues and a deep support staff. Dave C. And Helene are his very able lieutenants, offering similarly strong technical skills with empathetic bedside manners second to none. Nicole and Marissa diligently keep the patients on track, motivated and always smiling. Finally, the Chief of Staff, Chelsea, is the cog that keeps the office running and the patients always on time! I have been investing in small companies for over 30 years and the two things I look for are great management and a compelling product or service. DB Ortho has both and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing it better. I am an enthusiastic client and buyer!!! JC "
Sep 05, 2019
"The care and treatment programs provided by Dave and the team at DB Orthopedic PT is truly top notch. Dave is knowledgeable, friendly, and optimistic with his patients and was able to get me back to running 100%. I highly recommend DB Orthopedic PT to anyone looking to rehab an injury or surgery."
Sep 03, 2019
"db Orthopedic Physical Therapy is truly one of the most professional therapy facilities I have had the pleasure of using. I fractured my shoulder in April and received outstanding therapy from each and every one of the therapists. Dr. Bertone assessed my needs and each of the therapists made sure that I was following the prescribed protocol in order to insure a timely recovery. I was given ample time during each exercise session, and each therapist monitored my progress to be sure that I was exercising in the proper manner. I saw a marked improvement within the first month, and have progressed nicely ever since. Each therapist was conscientious, knowledgeable , and caring. I highly recommend this therapy facility to anyone who wants to be treated in a professional and caring manner in order to eliminate pain and improve flexibility; especially after an injury ."
Aug 23, 2019
" I have been to other physical therapy offices before, but never was I treated in such a friendly and warm manner by both of the Dave‘s and the entire staff in any of the other practices. In addition to making me feel comfortable, their expertise brought me back to full health! I recommend DB whole heartedly!"
Aug 14, 2019
"Very professional and the whole team is awesome. They work with you and really encourage you to get you healthy and feeling great again. I would definitely use this place of business and would recommend anyone to try them."
Aug 09, 2019
"Jerry and his team are amazing. I’ve had a disabling lower back issue for half my life that has been hugely mitigated after just six weeks of working with them. Jerry carefully and patiently analyzed the source of my problem at the first visit and then set up a progressive program at his office and for me at home. Besides pain reduction, I now have a lifetime exercise regimen which has already strengthened my core, more confidence in moving around and doing things, better posture, and better knowledge of what to do myself to prevent recurrences. All this in a clean, efficient, friendly (often fun) office with a great support staff, especially Olivia and Phil. I highly recommend this Physical Therapist. "
Aug 08, 2019
"db Orthopedic was on of my best experiences with PT. Everyone there is nice, friendly & knowledgeable, and always worked with your schedule. "
Jul 31, 2019
"Everyone was very friendly and professional. They pushed you to make sure you met your all your goals. Overall it was a great experience. Thank you!"
Jul 27, 2019
"I had my first massage therapy session with Micki Stott, who was amazing. She has incredibly strong hands in which she finds every target and problem area. She beat up every knot, not moving from that point until it was released fully. I’ve had many massages, but this was the first time I ever felt really good after a session, which is a rarity. I highly recommend taking the time to treat yourself to a therapeutic massage with her. "
Jul 24, 2019
"I just completed my P.T. regimen from neck surgery, and a slightly torn rotator cuff. I had 20 visits in the Manalapan office. The experience I had with db Orthopedics is by far 2nd to none. Starting with walking in the office, and being greeted by Ali who scheduled my appointments, provided Dr. notes for my disability claim etc., Working with the entire staff was also a great experience. Olivia and Sebatian was always tag teaming to assist in making sure I not only completed all my exercises, but did them accurately. I was never left unattended. Dr. David Colella is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and has a wonderful personality. I also had the opportunity to have Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk work with me, and he was awesome as well. I really can't say enough good things about this practice, and will never go elsewhere for P.T. Thank you db Orthopedic!!!!"
Jul 17, 2019
"The staff at DP Orthopedic is professional, friendly, and very thorough. I would definitely recommend them. "
Jun 12, 2019
"I would highly recommend db Ortho Physical Therapy. They make all feel welcome and are great to work with."
Jun 09, 2019
"From the moment you call to make your first appointment and you speak to Mary Catherine you realize this is a first class organization. The level care provided by Dr Jerry and his staff is phenomenal. I highly recommend db Orthopedic Physical Therapy."
Jun 07, 2019
"Jerry was fantastic. Got me healed in no time!"
Jun 03, 2019
"Jerry and the staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Jerry had me doing things that I did not think I would be able to do after injuring my shoulder. He gave me exercises to do at home and advised me as to what I could and could not do in the gym. I would definitely recommend Jerry and his team for physical therapy."
Jun 03, 2019
"I thought Gerry and team were terrific. The atmosphere is very upbeat and staff is friendly and cheerful, let alone effective . I am still pain free after the sessions I had with them. I would highly recommend this practice."
Jun 03, 2019
"Dr. Jerry is wonderful . He listens, he's patient and he works his magic. His staff is efficient and very pleasant."
Jun 03, 2019
" I want to thank David Colella and the staff at db Orthopedic . Everyone is a team player and all are extremely involved with my therapy. I've had back surgery and other sports injuries that have required other PT, but this is by far the best experience I have ever had. After having 2 discs replaced and one fusion in my neck, I feel I am in very competent hands and will have a successful rehabilitation and recovery. "
May 28, 2019
"Dave & ALL the PTs were excellent in the Lincroft office. Not only were they terrific, Nikki and John we're on the ball every single moment. There wasn't a time that I wasn't completely impressed with their energy and they're complete coordination. I couldn't have asked for more in physical therapy treatments. Thanks to them my shoulder is 100% better and I plan on keeping it that way thanks to everyone there."
May 21, 2019
"I have nothing but good things to say about DB Physical therapy. I was treated by David Colella for quite a few weeks and his staff-Helene,Niki and John. They are all very professional and I highly recommend them "
May 09, 2019
"I came to db Orthopedic PT as a result of a torn ACL and MCL. This was my first time to PT, and I had heard so many stories of people unhappy with their PT at larger facilities that treat you like a number... not so at db Orthopedic. The team in the Lincroft office is wonderful! Love the personalized attention and dedication from all of the professional and knowledgeable staff. From day one, I felt that each team member took an interest in my overall well being and progress. Most importantly, my knee is working again! I highly recommend this team and will be back, if/when necessary. Thank you db Orthopedic team for a wonderful PT experience."
Apr 08, 2019
"Wonderful care! I went to my first appointment dreading it. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk (total knee replacement). After the first visit, I had NO pain! As the pain recurred over my recovery period, I looked forward to every visit because I knew I would leave with NO PAIN! The entire staff is highly professional and very skilled. I have been to three other places for therapy over the years, and I always dreaded the visits. I looked forward to each one here. I highly recommend db Orthopedic Physical Therapy!"
Apr 06, 2019
"Dr Bertone and his staff helped me recover from an achilles tear. I am happy to say that I am fully recovered with their help. I would recommend db to anyone in need of a great PT. In fact, I expect a knee replacement this year and already have plans to stage my recovery with Dr Bertone. Thanks Doc!"
Mar 28, 2019
"I was very satisfied with the personalized care and treatment plan I received from db Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I received a thorough initial evaluation and a treatment plan that was modified as I progressed through the program. In addition to being very competent and professional I found the staff to also be very pleasant and congenial. Should I require physical therapy in the future I will return to this practice."
Mar 21, 2019
"Dave and the team at DB Ortho are outstanding. Excellent from the physical rehabilitation process but also very professional and personal. I was there for over 5 months after shoulder and bicep surgery so I got to know them well. I recovered ahead of schedule and looked forward to talking to the team on every visit. I would highly recommend Dave and this practice. "
Mar 11, 2019
"Db Orthopedic Physical Therapy is an extremely well run operation. I recently finished 3 months of therapy sessions with Dr. Bertone for neck and shoulder issues. Dr. Bertone’s diagnostic skills, treatment planning, and follow up home exercise program are all first class. The facility is clean and run by a very organized team that plans ahead to setup treatment before your appointment. Even when there are many patients in the office, Dr Bertone and his assistants continue to work diligently and efficiently to avoid having patients waiting. Treatment here was time very well spent"
Mar 10, 2019
"I participated in physical therapy sessions at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy located at Lincroft, NJ for approximately 5 weeks. Treatment was for shoulder and back pain. I found their methods and practices very beneficial in reducing or eliminating discomfort while increasing joint mobility. The practitioners were very professional, friendly and caring. I would recommend their services without reservation."
Feb 17, 2019
"What a great experience! db Orthopedic PT enabled me to get back the full, comfortable use of my shoulder after work related overuse. Dave and his extremely professional staff strike the perfect balance of competence and great warmth. I felt welcomed and encouraged at every visit and that each team member was completely invested in my succesful outcome. Special shout out to Dave, Chelsea, Helene, Nicole and Marissa - you are so good at what you do my friends - thank you!"
Feb 13, 2019
"I am a patient who had a severe rotator cuff and bicep injury (tearing four separate tendons) back in May, 2018 and had almost no function in my left arm (my dominant arm). A previous patient and friend of a family member recommended me to Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk for the challenging physical therapy that was in front of me and I couldn't be happier for that guidance. What was a dire situation back in May is now a feeling of extreme gratitude here in January. Jerry and his staff showed a combination of empathy but a realism and well thought out progressive plan and approach of what needed to be done and what I could expect from a timeline perspective and throughout the entire process. They created an intimate and collaborative environment where I, as a patient, felt that I was absolutely getting the personalized attention that was needed each and every visit. Jerry and his staff constantly asked for my feedback, assessment of my painpoints and Jerry used that as a source of input marrying his experience against that to determine the pace of the exercise plan he designed. He was in constant communication with my surgeon and worked together with him to help achieve the best results possible. What appeared to be a very limiting functional situation from my accident has turned into a distant memory as I am fully functional and pain-free six months later. I couldn’t be more thankful to Jerry and his staff. Their expertise, support and friendship will never be forgotten by me; and their humor during some tough sessions helped me get through. You came away feeling like they were family. If you have a need for PT to any degree, I highly recommend Dr. Moczerniuk and his team to address and care for your particular circumstance or injury suffered. "
Feb 04, 2019
"In June of 2018 I had surgery to repair my shattered elbow that sustained a comminuted fracture (the bone shatters into three or more pieces) which had left the tricep tendon and the bone it was attached to completely broken off from the elbow. A couple days after surgery and almost 10 days after the break I was left with an elbow joint that had lost over 70% of its range of motion. After a couple weeks of doing light range of motion exercises on my own and quite honestly being a little hesitant to get too aggressive with moving the elbow I reached out to Dr. Bertone as a result of him being highly recommended by my Chiropractor. After an initial phone conversation with Dr. Bertone (Big Dave) explaining the injury and my desire to regain full range of motion I had an initial consultation in his office. Given the severity of the injury and the apparent stubbornness of elbow joints, Dr. Bertone was very clear as to the likely length of time it was going to take to regain joint mobility as well as the fact that our success together was very dependent on my willingness to "do the hard work" to get back to as close to full range as possible. I am very please to say that after roughly 5 months of visits combined with guidance on how to supplement in-office care with routine work at home I have regained nearly 100% of the range of motion in the injured joint. While there is still work to be done to get that last few percent I can honestly say I am 100% fully functional. Make no mistake, physical therapy for a severely injured joint is no walk in the park. Your recovery is as much dependent upon you doing the hard work as it is having quality care from a seasoned professional such as Dr. Bertone. That said, Big Dave sets a path that is tailored to your needs that both makes treatment as comfortable as possible while still progressing with positive and measurable results. You will be held accountable for sure and while the term "tough love" may be cliche, it is used by Dr. Bertone and his staff because they are truly invested in your recovery. While Dr. Bertone is second to none in my opinion as an individual professional, his practice is made that much better by a supporting staff that is second to none as well. Whether I was interacting with Chelsea or Allison at the front desk for scheduling or insurance related issues, being cared for by either Marissa, Nicole, Helene, or Mia (apologies if I misspelled anyone's name) pre and post treatment by Big Dave, or treated on occasion by Dr. Collel (smaller, younger, better looking Dave) or even part-timer Burgette when she was filling in for Big Dave, it was evident that this team of individuals cared about you and were fully invested in helping you achieve your goal of full recovery. Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Bertone and his practice to anyone that requires therapy to remedy a surgically repaired injury or any other ailment in an attempt to avoid surgery or simply have a better quality of life. I can't thank Dave and his staff enough for their care and friendship developed along the way. I am truly Blessed to have had these people introduced into my life!!!"
Jan 11, 2019
"Thank you to David Bertone and the staff at db Orthopedic for the great care I always receive! The customer service is professional and I walk out feeling so much better after each visit. "
Dec 30, 2018
"I highly recommend db Orthopedic Physical Theraphy's Lincroft Office. Kudos Dave, David, Nikki, Chelsea, Helene and Marissa for the great work they do to ensure the best results for their patients."
Dec 27, 2018
"Over the last few months I have been attending db Orthopedic Physical Therapy for post op knee surgery as well as lower back spinal stenosis. My experience has been both successful and gratifying. Why? The staff is most knowledgeable, professional, punctual, caring, competent and extremely friendly. The facility not only has an excellent staff, but the most up-to-date innovate tools and equipment to help facilitate the healing process. Thank you db Orthopedic Physical Therapy....... "
Dec 27, 2018
"My son, who plays varsity lacrosse signed up for a concussion testing. DB was timely and professional with him. The office is very clean. I feel better having this test done in case he ever has a head injury"
Dec 23, 2018
"db orthoedics is a place i would highly recommend. the staff is very friendly and they all work together well. pleasant atmosphere and they are gentle and follow the instructions to a tee. i will be returning again for my next round of pt. 😀😁"
Dec 22, 2018
" I highly recommend dB Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I went there for over four months after having shoulder surgery. They have a very professional team and truly care about their patients. The manager there sees everything and makes sure you are doing your exercises properly. This is the place to go."
Dec 22, 2018
"Everyone at @dborthopedic are kind, considerate and caring! They go above and beyond the standard care by working with each patient on their recovery/get better plans. I love everyone there!"
Dec 21, 2018
"I have had several medical problems that required of my doctors first sent me to db. the treatment was great and effective.I was prescribed on several occasions for other problems that required therapy and I chose to go to db even though there are a lot of new companies very close to where i live.The professionalism and care provided by db is outstanding. I have been in several larger centers but they didn't compare to the quality and personal attention given at db.It's like a temporary family setting.The treatment is great and all my results were very positive.I always recommend them when asked .They are worth the extra drive to get quality.I hope I don't need therapy so often but when i do i know where to go. "
Dec 21, 2018
"I have used db Orthopedics for over 9 years. Dave and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable therapists who helped me to eliminate chronic, debilitating back pain. He recommends excellent exercises and sends them to your email so that you always have access to them. Even though I've moved to South Carolina, I visit Dave when I visit in the summer for a "tune up!" You are in good hands with db Orthopedics"
Dec 17, 2018
"db Orthopedic Physical Therapy is the only place I will go for physical therapy. I have been to db Orthopedic Physical Therapy two times for two different injuries, and I have had great results. Dave is Best in Class, and makes sure you understand your injury and the process it is going to take to make you better. The members of Dave's team are friendly, knowledgeable and care about you and your recovery. Also, db Ortho is proactive and sends out a news letter that offers information on different injuries and how to manage them, and offer a PT Exam to help identify potential problems that could possibly become trouble in the future. I highly recommend db Orthopedic PT."
Dec 17, 2018
"I think I can honestly say I have experienced dp Orthopedics many times. Ive had two shoulder repairs and a knee replacement ,and never experienced such a professional officeand staff anywhere . Jerry put me to the test many times and I always went back for more. Can’t speak more highly of this office and continually recommend to everyone. Have a wonderful holiday . "
Dec 17, 2018
"I wish I could give db Orthooedic Physical Therapy 10 stars!!! Dave is a real pro and his team is absolutely fantastic. I came to db with a very serious back injury; when I started treatment I was having trouble just walking. Dave did a great job designing a PT regiment that consisted of core strengthening exercises, stretching exercises aimed at getting me back on the golf course, and gentle spine decompression that, over the course of treatment, significantly eased the nerve pain I was having from the pinched nerve near my spine. I can't say enough about Dave and his team... they are just a great group of people committed to getting you back to activity, health, and enjoying life!! "
Nov 28, 2018
"Dear David Colella, I would like to thank you very much for developing a plan and treating pain in my lower back and right leg. I have benefited a lot from your treatment and physical therapy during July 26 - October 30, 1918. I have already recommended your physical therapy treatment to several friends. I would also like to thank you for sending me, in a separate e-mail, a set of exercises that I can do at home which would help in future. Please also convey my thanks to your associates in the office who have helped in my physical therapy during the last 3 months. Ari J. "
Nov 11, 2018
"I received excellent care. Everyone that worked with me was very nice. They all went out of their way to make me feel comfortable being there. A lot of care and thought was put into the program of PT. I would recommend Db Orthpedics to anyone. I would rate my care a 5. "
Oct 13, 2018
"Dave, and his staff are the best! They all have the correct skills to help a patient with their injuries. I have used db orthopaedics several times all with great success. Thanks everyone!"
Oct 03, 2018
"I give db Physical Therapy a 5. I went to the Lincroft facility for four months. I was treated with compassion and caring the whole four months by all members of the team working there. It is an excellent place to go if you need PT. David Bertone, the owner, is top notch in his field. This will definitely be my go to place if I should need more PT in the future. Everyone is very nice. You will feel comfortable here and I can attest to the fact that you will get the very best of care here."
Sep 11, 2018
"I have received the best care possible during my recovery from an injury. From the first day, I was given a home exercise program to follow in addition to the program that was proved during my treatment plan. The plan was reevaluated frequently and changed as needed. The staff were all professional and caring. "
Sep 06, 2018
"I started going to db Orthopedic PT in April 2018 for a few herniated disks in my lower back that were causing major pain in my legs and back. My range of motion in my back was very limited and the pain kept me up at night. In just over 4 months I have no more pain, my range of motion is now around 90% and I sleep through the night without any pain medication. Dave, Helene and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and very caring. They always greet you with a smile and are concerned about your comfort and well being. I would highly recommend them!!"
Aug 24, 2018
"I have been going to Dave Bertone for many years. He is a top rated Physical Therapist. His support staff Nicole, Chelsea, Marisa, and Helene are wonderful and have been there every step of my rehabilitation. I had my knee replaced on 5/18/18. And one week later I started Physical Therapy. I won’t say it wasn’t hard and sometimes painful. But Dave and Helene helped me through it all. Nicole and Marisa made sure I did all my exercises. I’ve been told that I did exceptionally well. So in 12 weeks going 3 times a week I completed my rehabilitation. Yes it’s scary but it’s the best thing I could have done for me. Kudos to Dave and his team "
Aug 14, 2018
"I highly recommend db Orthopedic PT, PC in Manalapan. Both my husband & I have been seeing Jerry & his staff over the last several years with great relief. The treatment plan is customized to each person, & does not feel like 'one plan fits all.' I like that we can make an appointment without having to have a prescription."
Aug 09, 2018
"Jerry was the greatest ! I think I was the facilities first double hip replacement and he was awesome. He also worked with HSS and Dr. Sculco’ team when their was a question , the Theraphy I received was of expert results , wish I could come in for message treatment from time to time , regards Sandra F"
Aug 03, 2018
"I had a great experience at db Orthopedic Therapy, going through rehabilitation for my recent total hip replacement. Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk is an extremely knowledgeable professional who took a personal interest in my rehabilitation and recovery. The doctor is up to date on the most recent trends and advances in aiding the recovery process for this type of surgery. The entire staff was courteous, friendly and ready to help me with whatever I needed. It was definitely what the doctor ordered! "
Aug 02, 2018
"Jerry was the greatest ! I think I was the facilities first double hip replacement and he was awesome. He also worked with HSS and Dr. Sculco’ team when their was a question , the Theraphy I received was of expert results , wish I could come in for message treatment from time to time , regards Sandra F"
Aug 02, 2018
"I want to thank Jerry and Phil in the manalapan location for everything they’ve done for me these past 3months. I’m 27 years old and broke my femur. I couldn’t have asked for a better Facility. The training was intense but well worth it. It didnt feel like an office, they are warm and welcoming. I highly recommend this office. Thanks guys I’ll be back on the basketball court in no time!!!"
Jul 30, 2018
"I received outstanding care at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy. My injury was a complicated break of the wrist that required two surgeries, and Dr. Bertone gave me excellent advice and guidance throughout a five month process of recovery. The whole staff treated me with great skill and the utmost professionalism and kindness. I also had a contusion in my lower back that was successfully treated. I am 65 years old and fully recovered, and I would highly recommend db Orthopedic Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy."
Jul 16, 2018
"Good People and very good operation."
Jul 12, 2018
"Thanks to David and his very helpful and caring staff, I have felt the best after recovering from a fall and subsequent operation three years ago. I can now do things that I thought I would never be able to accomplish. "
Jul 08, 2018
"Dave Bertone and his staff are excellent. Dave created and executed intense, yet soothing, therapy for my lower back pain that had often prevented me from sleeping for several hours as often as two nights per week. The variety of methods used throughout the therapy sessions, which included heat, ultra-sound, massage and manipulation, floor exercises, equipment-aided exercises, and lumbar traction, as well as the rigorous, but gentle at-home exercises, all were instrumental in providing a comprehensive and thorough physical therapy program. The result is that my pain has greatly diminished in intensity and frequency; I rarely have anymore pain at night. Dave and his staff are professional, efficient, friendly, and genuinely concerned about threating their clients' pain. I was also impressed by the cleanliness of his facility (for example, the cleansing of each treatment table and the changing of towels on the tables and pillows after every client). I especially appreciated the personal attention to detail by Dave and his staff in closely monitoring clients' exercises and gently correcting poor form when needed. Dave's vast experience and top-notch management skills were evident throughout my experience with his group. Dave and his staff evidently are very dedicated and conscientous in their work and constantly monitor and evaluate their clients' progress and pain levels. I look forward to continue managing my lower back pain with the excellent home exercise program that Dave prescribed for me. In summary, this is a great place to undergo physical therapy!"
Jun 25, 2018
"I can’t say enough good things about the care I received from Dave and the rest of the db Team after undergoing spinal fusion surgery. I arrived at their office with significant mobility restrictions and now, in just a few short months, I’m back running, biking and doing other activities without limitations. I could not have selected a better physical therapist to aid in my recovery."
Jun 14, 2018
"This was my second time rehabbing a sports injury/surgery with Doctor Bertone and his staff. They are extremely knowledgeable and always custom tailor my treatment plans to fit my specific needs. I highly recommend DB Ortho to anyone looking for the best PT/rehab care. Thank you!"
Jun 05, 2018
"Dave Colella and the guys were great, new exactly what to do and worked my chest and shoulder to rebuild it. Highly recommend them for rehab and pain management"
May 24, 2018
"I just finished up 8 weeks of outstanding PT after having a full hip replacement. I can't say enough good things about Dave, Nicole, Helene, Chelsea, and the rest of the staff at DB Orthopedic Physical Therapy. Always friendly, thorough, and efficient with my time. Thank you for the wonderful care and attention. Have a great summer and keep bringing the quality service you provide to your patients."
May 16, 2018
"Top professional service!! Highly recommend!!"
May 07, 2018
"I am a eighty four year old person who wants to play pickleball for both exercise and competition. I had my left knee replaced in 2014 and my right hip replaced six months later. I tried numerous physical therapy centers in the greater Manasquan area. The results -- no improvement. I was ready to give up my dreams of playing pickleball again with friends and competitively. As I was perusing the Asbury Park Press in early January, 2018, I read with interest a physical therapy program in Middletown, New jersey. It was a hands on program run by Dr. David Bertone in Middletown, New Jersey. I went to see Dr. Bertone. He felt he could help me if I were willing to push myself a bit harder than I had done in previous therapies. I began my journey on January 10, 2018. I was introduced to Electrical stimulation to both knees and thighs. I received manual physical therapy to my legs, knees and upper thighs. The professionals worked hard and I tried to imitate their professionalism and caring. During the middle of the month of April, Dr. Bertone explained he and his staff had reached a point where I had to continue my own physical therapy. I do exercises to develop strength, endurance and range of motion. I am on my own and feel the strength and endurance that left me four years ago. I know I will be playing pickleball and other physical activities in the near future. Thank you Dr. Bertone and staff. I will never forget you and hopefully you will never forget me. A loyal fan of your Physical Therapy Program "
May 03, 2018
"What a great experience! From Dave Bertones hands on assessment of my back issue and consequent plan to get it stronger, I can’t say enough good things but I’ll try. I loved Chelsea’s text reminders for my visits-I needed those reminders. Helene electrified me and did some nice massages(Dave did as well). Nicole’s ability to keep the patients moving from one exercise to the next was nothing short of impressive. Marissa is learning that talent right now. Thanks to you all for making it a pleasurable and successful experience. So glad I had my back operation and just as glad that Dr. Husain recommended DB Orthopedic. "
Apr 20, 2018

“After I get treated and leave the office, I feel like dancing.”
~ Barbara A., Old Bridge, NJ

“I have an ‘L5’ problem that’s been plaguing me for over 40 years. I went to Dr. David Bertone and I’ve been spasm free and have strength and mobility that I’ve not had in years.”

-Robert E. White

“David Bertone, of dB Orthopedic Physical Therapy, PC was recommended to me by 2 of his patients. My experience in his office was a positive one. Dr. Bertone maintains a very professional practice and I would offer him as a referral to anyone I knew in need of that services.”


“David Bertone is the only Physical Therapist of the many I’ve seen to ease my back pain and help get my life back to normal. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident in my physical activity than I have in the past ten years.

-Tricia Krietzberg, Colts Neck

“Thank you for all you did for my son, to heal and condition his body, to refresh his spirits and give him a ray of hope – that given a chance to show what he could do, he could once again prove himsuk-text-rightas done on every team he played on.”

-Stephen Rice, MD Director of Sports Medicine Center at Jersey Shore
University Hospital commenting on his son going from chronic injury to playing in NCAA DIv III National Championship soccer game for Wesleyan College

“I can neither spell nor pronounce the treatments Dr. Bertone provided. But on 3 occasions, over 10 years, I was in relentless neck and back agony. He fixed me and I fully suspect he saved me from surgery.

Phil Mushnick, sports columnist New York Post.

“I came to db Orthopedic Physical Therapy after a sever accident that shattering my knee. There is something very special about the continuity of working with one therapist who intimately knows each millimeter of your progress. If you find yourself in need of physical therapy you can’t do any better than db Orthopedic Physical Therapy!”

Carylee Johnson, Tinton Falls

Testimonial Letters

“I had requested a prescription from you to get physical therapy for an “L5″ problem that’s been plaguing me, on and off, in varying degrees, for over 40 years. I thought that you should know that I went to Dr. David Bertone in Lincroft and as a result I’ve been spasm free and have strength and mobility that I’ve not had in years. I’ve been able to lift cartons and play tennis and basketball, all things that I’d been unable to do since May. I am very pleased with these results.”

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Robert E.White

“David Bertone, of dbOrthopedic Physical Therpay, PC was recommended to me by 2 of his patients. My experience in his office was a positive one. Dr. Bertone maintains a very professional practice and I would offer him as a referral to anyone I knew in need of that services.”

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