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Take the Fit Factor survey created by the Private Practice section of the American Physical Therapy Association.  This online survey will provide users with personalized feedback and interactive tools for improving your physical health.

Effective – 2/9/17 – Dry needling by a Physical Therapist in NJ is no longer allowed.

The Attorney General of New Jersey has written an opinion that dry needling is NOT within the scope of practice for the physical therapist in NJ even though the NJ Board of Physical Therapy Examiners has ruled it to be a skill included in manual therapy.  Effective immediately, the physical therapists trained in the skill at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy will stop performing this technique until the ruling is argued or legislative relief occurs.  Thousands of patients across NJ have been benefiting from this therapy tool for several years without one reported incident of injury or adverse affect report to the NJBPTE.  Patients are encouraged to contact their legislator to voice an objection to a non-drug source of pain control performed by many other physical therapists legally in several states.  This is clearly a case of a turf battle with other practitioners trying to limit availability for patients.  More to come

Weather alert – Both our offices will be closed on 2/9/17 due to the inclement weather. We will reopen Fri, 2/10 for normal business hours.

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Snow coming 2/9/17! Here are some tips to reduce your chance of injury

  1. Warm up your entire body 1st before heading outside.  This can include arm circles, jumping jacks, burpees, leg swings, jog in place.  Increasing your body temperature will improve muscle function out in the cold.
  2. Hydrate before shoveling snow.  Attempt to drink 3-4- 8oz glasses of water 2-3 hours before heading outside.
  3. Use an ergonomically designed shovel to reduce stress on the low back.  If heavy snow, take sections to complete and rest in between.
  4. If using a snowblower, push with arms close to your body and drive with legs letting machine do the work.
  5. Every 10-15min, perform 5-10 backward bends to reduce stress on low back.
  6. Finish the work off with some hot soup or hot chocolate and lightly stretch muscles on floor in front of your fireplace!

Be safe and call dbOrtho PT if any pain develops that does not resolve.  Remember, no referral or prescription is required to see a physical therapist for immediate pain interventions.  Lincroft 732-747-1262   Manalapan 732-462-2162

What is Dry Needling? APTA explains the valuable procedure


Can PT help Plantar Fasciitis? YES

See this handout created by the Orthopedic section of the American Physical Therapy Association with evidence to support PT for foot pain!

Plantar Fasciitis – Will PT help

Wanna see a dry needling demonstration?

Click here to see demo of Functional Dry Needling for limited hip flexor mobility


Reminder that all the physical therapists at db Ortho PT are trained in this technique and the State of NJ allows physical therapists to perform this important technique!

A physical therapy New Year’s Resolution published in today’s Greater Media Newspapers

Written by Manalapan Clinical Director Dr. Jerry Moczneriuk, PT, DPT


PT New Years Resolution Jan 2017

Congratulations to our Holiday Cookie Contest Winners for 2016!

Lincroft office

1st Place – Joan M for her Potatoe Chip Cookie –  $50 Visa Gift Card

2nd Place – Pat W.

3rd Place – Cathy T

Manalapan Office

1st Place – Frank Coopa for his assorted Italian Cookies – $50 Visa Gift card

2nd Place – Darren Pecoraro


Potato Chip Cookies – Joan M.

Recipe – potatoe-chip-cookies