American Physical Therapy Association produces document – “Top 7 Myths About Physical Therapy.”

7Myths about physical therapy

Read “How to get better faster from sprains and strains.”

Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk, PT, DPT published the latest in his series of health and wellness articles in Greater Media Newspapers this week.  Learn how to get better faster from sprains and strains.

Get better faster from sprains and strains Oct 2014

Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs. Moczerniuk on the birth of Emma!

The db Orthopedic Physical Therapy family has grown with the addition of  Emma Lianna Moczerniuk today 9/9 at 3:58 am. 8.37 lbs.


Move Forward Radio produced by the American Physical Therapy Association posts a head in the game series on concussions.

With football season around the corner, Move Forward Radio hosted a multiday “Head in the Game” series on concussion in sports, featuring interviews with experts in the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of sports concussions, as well as an interview with a former player who was forced to retire to the NFL due to repeated concussions.

News 12 covers our Concussions in Youth Sports lecture.

Watch the brief clip aired on Cablevision’s News 12 on Wed, Aug 13, 2014.  They attended our Concussion in Youth Sports lecture held at iPlay America in Freehold.



Read article in today’s News Transcript – Important tips for healthy running

Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk, PT, DPT wrote an article published in the News Transcript today about tips for running and staying healthy while doing it.  Click below to read the article!

Important tips for healthy running Aug 2014

Read the story in Greater Media Newspapers about the Concussions in Youth Sports lecture

Read about our lecture on August 13, 2014 at iPlay America at 7:30pm about Concussions in Youth Sports:  what every parent and coach needs to know.  Story published in Greater Media Newspaper on Wed, July 30.

Greater Media Concussion lecture combined 7.2014

Free Concussion lecture at iPlay America – Wed, Aug 13 at 7:30pm

Come join us for a free lecture at iPlay America on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 7:30pm. “ Concussions in Youth Sports: what every parent and coach needs to know” will be presented by Stephen G Rice, MD, Director of Sports Medicine at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and David Bertone, PT, DPT, OCS, owner of ConcussionRXcare at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  Both Dr. Rice and Dr. Bertone have been involved in the education and management of concussed athletes for many years and have been collaborating over the past 3 years to educate the community about the epidemic of concussions in youth sports.  This event was developed in conjunction with Freehold Township Soccer and Freehold Area Football leagues who wanted to put on an educational program for all their coaches and parents in order to implement a comprehensive concussion management program for their organizations.  “I believe that this free lecture will have a positive impact on our club.  Many athletes do not report concussion symptoms to their coaches and parents because they just don’t know what the symptoms are like.  Because baseline testing usually occurs early on in the season, the very act of getting tested will raise concussion awareness for athletes, parents, and coaches and establish an emergency protocol to follow in the event of when a concussion occurs.” Dennis Mojares Freehold Soccer League Training & Development.

When iPlay America was gracious enough to provide a very large conference area, the event was opened to all the surrounding communities to educate as many people as possible about head injuries in youth sports.  Dr. Rice will discuss the science of concussion including the signs and symptoms as well as common treatment approaches.  Dr. Bertone will discuss the on-field evaluation by parents and coaches utilizing the internationally recognized Concussion Recognition Tool, the importance of a baseline concussion testing program and common post-concussion rehabilitation protocols.

Several area sports organizations are mandating attendance by all their coaches so they are properly prepared if one of their athletes sustains a head injury.  Parents are encouraged to attend as well so they can be prepared to make an educated decision regarding the treatment immediately after injury.  When both groups are educated, a complete concussion management protocol can be developed by the youth sports organizations.  Please join us for this special event.  You can register online at or by calling 732-747-1262.  Onsite baseline concussion testing will be available for all athletes 10 years of age and older during the lecture.  In addition, iPlay America will be offering a special promotion for people to bring their kids to experience this outstanding indoor theme park!

This free event will be held on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 7:3opm at  the conference center in iPlay America.  1100 Schanck Road, Freehold, NJ.  Register online by clicking here.

Concussion Lecture flyer 8.13.14 – final (small)

Concussion Lecture flyer 8.13.14

Cecille Augusta, PT, DPT will be joining db Ortho PT as a Pediatric Specialist!

db Orthopedic Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Cecille Augusta, PT, DPT will be joining the practice in Lincroft by offering specialized pediatric physical therapy services to kids requiring her skills.  Stay tuned for more details!

Dr Bertone is observing hip arthrocopy today – June 17th!

Dr David Bertone is observing hip arthrocopy surgery performed by the most prominent hip arthroscopy surgeon in the US – Srino Bharam, MD.  Dr. Bharam performs surgery out of Lennox Hill hospital and invited Dr. Bertone in to observe several surgeries.  Dr. Bharam has been sending all of his Monmouth and Central NJ post surgical patients to db Orthopedic Physical Therapy because of the skill and expertise we provide in rehabbing these patients.  To learn more about Dr. Bharam, click on his website.  To view a video of hip arthroscopy surgery – click here.