About Us

dbOrtho Staff

db Orthopedic Physical Therapy first opened its doors in Lincroft, NJ in 2008 to provide personalized, intimate and direct physical therapy treatment in a warm, open, well-equipped and stimulating environment. The practice, straying from the high-volume, impersonal approach of standard physical therapy practices, is a unique model with a patient-centered focus. Here, you receive immediate musculoskeletal care delivered by a skilled practitioner who is involved in your entire course of treatment, never sharing you with another therapist. Your Physical Therapist is your source for all injuries within our scope of practice for you, your family and your friends.

At db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, the goal is to help patients overcome their injuries and get back to life in the most enjoyable, timely, and cost-effective way possible.  Our mission statement reflects the vision of the practice – “One Therapist, One Goal: Transition to Better Health.”

What Makes Us Different

The philosophy behind the personalized treatment offered at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy grew from knowing exactly what not to do. Typical practices, with their “clinic” feel, white walls, bright lights, medical curtains and uncomfortable waiting areas, are simply not geared toward creating the best possible patient experience. These practices cater to a high volume of care possible only with multiple practitioners on staff, many whom work part-time and are not fully committed to the practice. In practices like these, the patients are unfortunately shuffled from one practitioner to the next as care is delivered based on the practitioners schedules rather than on their patients’ needs.

At db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, you will always see the same Physical Therapist, a skilled, dedicated and professional practitioner who will become your trusted partner in your care.

Another thing that sets db Orthopedic Physical Therapy apart from others is our outreach directly to our patients. Many other practices are still relying on an outdated model that involves physicians referring patients for Physical Therapy. Physician referrals for Physical Therapy have not been required since 2003 when New Jersey lawmakers signed direct access legislation allowing consumers to receive Physical Therapy without a physician referral. Why would a person with low back pain, joint inflammation, muscle strains, and many other common ailments waste time and money to first visit a physician in order to then be referred for Physical Therapy? These musculoskeletal problems are best addressed with immediate intervention by a skilled Physical Therapist. Yet, many practices still fail to market directly to consumers because they may upset their old sources of referrals.

Our focus is consumer education, yet we continue to be highly regarded by many physician groups who remain our prime referral source. In addition, we will often refer patients to these highly skilled physicians when a patient presents with something outside our scope of practice.

Going Beyond Rehabilitation

Unlike most Physical Therapy practices, db Orthopedic Physical Therapy provides post rehabilitation fitness programs that help you gain additional strength and conditioning beyond what is normally provided in the rehabilitation of your injury. Our GRAVITY fitness program, which provides high-intensity, small group fitness and personal training in a safe and comfortable environment, is a perfect way to transition from Physical Therapy treatments into a regular fitness regimen.

Our ConcussionRXcare program was established in 2011 after the need was obvious for baseline concussion testing, post-concussion rehabilitation and concussion education programs for the youth sports programs in our community. Today, our program is a leader for concussion management by developing relationships with physicians and other practitioners that work with concussed athletes of all ages.

The Future for db Orthopedic Physical Therapy

In an effort to give more people the opportunity to experience the unique, personalized Physical Therapy approach offered by db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, the plans for a second location began in 2012. Patients in Western Monmouth County are now able to visit db Orthopedic Physical Therapy in a brand new office building in a convenient location of Manalapan. Our office is on the second floor, just above a walk-in Urgent Care Center, “The Doctor’s Office.” This was a perfect environment to establish our second musculoskeletal practice since these facilities will typically see the sprains and strains that are often immediately referred to Physical Therapy.

The Clinical Director of the Manalapan office was named in April 2013 – Dr. Jerry Moczerniuk, PT, DPT.  He is not an employee but a doctoral trained Physical Therapist who is earning a partnership opportunity as a sign of professional commitment. This practice location utilizes the successful systems in the delivery of high quality Physical Therapy started in our Lincroft office. Future expansion will continue to build on this practice model because it has been extremely successful as measured by the hundreds of consumers that continue to rely on us for their physical therapy needs.

Our Logo

Our patients often ask if we created the artwork for our logo and what it means. The concept for our logo was developed while watching the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Bejing, China. They used a similar style for their symbols for each sporting event, and it became symbolic of movement during that period of time. Obviously movement is a critical component of what we, as Physical Therapist, do.

Everyone at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy looks forward to becoming YOUR Physical Therapy provider for many years to come.