$5 Off Kids Concussion Testing

Pencils, Notebooks, Clothing and Baseline Concussion Testing.  It might seem like a weird back to school checklist, but if your child plays contact sports like: Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Hockey, Wresting (or any other sport where a head impact can occur) then you need to schedule your athlete for baseline concussion testing.

“My child gets concussion testing from the school,” you might be saying to yourself.  Let me be blunt: School monitored concussion testing IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH and here is why.

  1. Most area high schools use a simple computer-based test called IMPACT.  There are two issues with this test that you need to be aware of.  First, it is incredibly basic and, if a head impact occurs, provides little information that is necessary for post-concussion protocol diagnosis.   Second, this test is usually only done ONE TIME when athletes are Freshman.  Without comprehensive annual testing, the specialist looking at the results will have a partial picture of brain health and function.
  2. The second HUGE problem with high school concussion testing is that the trainers and doctors who review the test results are not trained in analyzing the data from a complete baseline test.  When you use our service, the trainers and doctors get COMPREHENSIVE results that are interpreted by our ConcussionRXcare experts.   When any head injury occurs, we have all the data on hand to make a full comparison on MANY data points.
  3. On a basic, high school concussion test, athletes often attempt to “cheat the system” by creating a false baseline.   Since our comprehensive ConcussionRXcare testing includes: Balance, neurocognative and oculomotor systems using CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY, it is difficult for your student athlete to dupe the system and return to play too early.


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