Dry needling must stop being performed by physical therapists in NJ on Aug 31, 2017 per NJ Attorney General ruling.

Unfortunately, until there is statutory change to the NJ Physical Therapy Practice Act that specifically names dry needling as a therapeutic intervention, the physical therapists at db Ortho PT must stop performing this highly effective clinical tool on Aug 31, 2017.  There have been hundreds of patients who have benefited from this procedure without one complaint or adverse reaction.  The ruling is purely the result of a turf battle with acupuncturists who claim the treatment is the unlicensed practice of acupuncture.  Fortunately the AG ruling DID NOT state that dry needling was indeed the unlicensed practice of acupuncture when performed by trained physical therapists.  However, his ruling did specify that the intervention was not specifically listed in the practice act that governs the licensed practice of physical therapy.  Therefore, statutory change is required and will be worked on by the professional association for physical therapists in NJ – APTA-NJ.  Stay tuned for an update over the next few months.  Until then, if you have benefited from this technique, please let us know.

Hip pain – dry needling vs. cortisone injection

A recent study in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that cortisone injections to the lateral hip in the trochanteric bursa did not provide greater pain relief or reduction in functional limitations compared to dry needling performed by a physical therapist.  They concluded that the bursa may not be the source of the lateral hip pain and that it is injury to the muscles and tendons in the area that responded better to the dry needling technique.  Click below to read the JOSPT Perspectives for Patients.

hip pain and dry needling – patient perscpective april 2017